17 Funny Tweets About 2020’s Latest Mind-F*ck That Is Murder Hornets


Well, 2020 sure has been kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic, hasn’t it?? We’re roughly six weeks into social distancing, but who’s counting? (We’d all be counting, if only we could actually remember what day of the week it is.)

All I can tell you is that I’d like to speak to the manager about a refund, because clearly 2020 is broken.


Based on world events, maybe the end IS near, & it appears that one of the four horseman of the apocalypse is actually a nasty giant bug with the face of a superhero villian and the ability to rip bee’s heads clean off. We’re talking murder hornets, people. 

In addition to a potentially deadly virus, face masks as part of our daily wardrobe, and the hell of homeschooling our kids, we now have the prospect of a plague of insects with “MURDER” in their name. Sounds about right!

But the funny folks of social media are here to keep us laughing about the absurdity of our latest “WTF?!” news: murder hornets.

  1. It certainly has been quite a year so far, no?


2. Just when we think we’re dealing well with the coronavirus, along comes a psycho bug swarm. Cool.


3. Though at this point, does anything really surprise us about 2020?


4. Another day, another apocalyptic infestation. Whatevs.


5. What’s next -don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it- …ZOMBIES? (Probably.)


6. At least we have our own yards to hang in while social distancing… I mean, HAD.


7. Remember when we used to be able to go outside & NOT fear a savage psycho hornet on steroids? That was fun.


8. I mean, clearly Mother Nature is PISSED. (And WTF, monkey?? So.Many.QUESTIONS.)


9. Though some of us would rather deal with murder hornets than our kids sometimes… just saying.


10. (…or with our spouses…)


11. But on the bright side, maybe the government will hook us up on some sweet murder hornet cash?


12. This is enough to make some us want to pack up & move on out.


13. But there are still great American heroes who are ready to take on the next creepy crawly crisis! (Or at least we have this dude.)


14. It’s fine, though. it’s fine. Everything is fine. It’s FINE.


15. HEE-larious! It’s funny because it’s true.


16. Thanks, May. We’re only five days in & you’re KILLING US!


17. Forget coronavirus. 2020 could’ve locked us all down with two words: MURDER HORNETS.

Stores, forget the toilet paper & the Lysol; start stocking Raid in bulk. Game on, murder hornets!





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