TikTok Toddler Destroys Couch With Chocolate, And Perfect Parents Everywhere Blame Mom


The only perfect parents are those who have never had (or met) a child.

It’s so easy to spot them in the wild because they tend to say some of the dumbest sh*t about how others raise their kids.


From “I would never do that!” to “My kids would know better!” – we’ve heard it all from the perfect parents of the internet.

So, when one mom posted a short 47-second clip on TikTok documenting how her toddler destroyed her brand new couch, it didn’t take long for the perfect parents to show up in the comments to throw their unenlightened weight around.

The clip, which has been liked 1.2 million times and has a whopping 102.1K comments (oh, God), starts off with a caption across the screen that reads, “This sofa is not even 2 months old!”

The video shows an already opened fridge door being slightly pushed open more so that we can see the epic mess on the bottom shelf and floor. 

Screenshot of TikTok video shows an open fridge with food on the floor.

The mom then turns the camera and walks a few feet away and around a corner to reveal a brand new sofa covered in what appears to be chocolate.

And who is the culprit? Her very mischievous toddler. Because, kids.

Adorably — and hilariously — this small child is fast asleep on the sofa, totally covered in food. 

Screenshot of toddler asleep on a messy couch.

As a mom of three kids, all under the age of 12, I have a few theories about what happened here.

While in the trenches of changing diapers and chasing three kids around, I have experienced my fair share of freaking out when my kids snuck out of nap time and got into shenanigans.

No amount of baby gates, baby monitors, or coffee can stop a determined child, despite what all the perfect parents will tell you.

One TikToker commented, “That baby left by him self way to long and then be sound a sleep.” A troupe of others quickly responded with things like “exactly,” and “where was the mom?” 

But one person wasn’t having it. Ryan Hooper wrote, “The kid got up in the middle of the night. So the f**k are you u so perfect.”

Another chimed in to point out that as funny as this video may be to some, it could have gone sideways pretty fast. 

“There should have been a gate, imagine if he choked,” wrote justbrowsing130. “The things people post for like. Crappy parents all over tik tok.” 

See that? Justbrowsing130 almost had a good point about safety hazards but then slam dunked it right into a pile of shaming. 

Screenshot of TikTok comments

But not everyone was ready to gang up on the parents.

Whit added, “*sigh* to all the judgemental comments. baby proof and time has nothing to do with it. kids are smart and quiet. this is hilarious.” Screenshot of a TikTok comment.And then the seasoned parents stepped into the fray to add some nuance and context for all the perfect parents with their heads up their dark sides. 

Sin Tea schooled with, “as a mom of 5 sons, one time I did wake up in the morning to find my 2 yr old covered in cake a sleep in the kitchen, day after his birthday it was 5am.”

If you can hear me laughing at Sin Tea, it’s because I have been there too.

But so has Veronica Castaneda who added, “Yes no one should judge I have 3 and the little one needs one minute to do a disaster.”

Screenshot of TikTok comment threadParent shaming by “perfect parents” is as old as time, and I doubt it will ever go away, but can we at least agree to be kind and supportive or just shut the hell up?

I for one found this video hilarious and sweet; it reminded me of the wild days of my own kids going through toddlerhood.

And who cares if a couch got destroyed…there’s always CleanTok where someone will know exactly how to help this mom bring her new sofa back to life. 

You can watch the full video here.


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