Pregnant Mom Videos Husband Wearing Watermelon for Sympathy in Hilarious TikTok


There came a time in each of my three pregnancies when I could no longer bend over enough to see my feet, let alone tie my shoes.

My husband, who I think is very supportive, felt terrible about this, so he built me a custom bench to help me get my shoes on in the morning.

Dads-to-be will do all sorts of things to try and support their expecting wives, but one mom took this urge to help to the next level when she filmed her husband wearing a watermelon.

In a viral TikTok video, one mom plastic wraps a giant watermelon to her husband’s pelvis then films him trying to complete everyday tasks.

Wife strapping watermelon to husband's belly
Photo credit: TikTok/HouseofLafond

The results are absolutely, hysterically funny. Talk about finding the perfect way to encourage some sympathy and understanding from dad-to-be!

The video is captioned, “I needed to him to experience pregnancy,” and oh, my goodness, he kind of does!

TikTok user @houseoflafond starts the video with the mom wrapping the heavy fruit to her husband’s waist.

He then goes through a series of simple tasks that are anything but when a growing baby has absorbed your center of gravity.

During one particularly hilarious moment, the dad is driving awkwardly under the watermelon’s weight while the mom starts smacking it.

He asks, “What are you doing!?” And they both laugh. Anyone who has ever driven a car while super pregnant can tell you that it is a feat in physics because the baby can just shift willy-nilly.

My favorite was when my middle child would use my bladder as a trampoline every single time I was behind the wheel. My poor husband got tired of all the stops so I could pee. 

man with watermelon driving
Photo Credit: TikTok/HouseofLafond

But the best part is when they go on a trip to Target and dad tries to squat, try on clothing, and get items on the belt at the checkout.

To say that I was in tears laughing was an understatement, the looks on passersby trying asses what this man is doing cracked me up.

But watching him try to squat down to pick up shoes brought back so many memories of panicking because I dropped something on the floor and honestly wasn’t sure I’d ever see it again tanks to my massive belly. 

Husband with watermelon on belly reaching for shoes
Photo Credit: TikTok/HouseofLafond
Man with watermelon on belly sitting in Target store
Photo Credit: TikTok/HouseofLafond

Of course, with any funny viral video, the comments are the best part. So, let’s get into it!

Deaf Dance Tutorial & Comedy wrote,

“Yes, great opportunity for men need get experience how women tough a lot work. I proud of your mother show.” Ok, the grammar is a bit wild, but to be fair, TikTok doesn’t allow lengthy commentary. We agree with the sentiment, though!

Screenshot of a comment by Deaf Dance & Tutorial Comedy

A TikTok user called Charlie had an excellent point that every man needs to hear,

“If a man says ‘we’re pregnant’ this better be how he about to be for the next 9 months.” Um…yes! Amen to that!

Screenshot of comment by Charlie on TikTok

And like Charlie, a TikTok user called Risa also had a pretty damn good point to make.

Risa wrote, “He didn’t have random strangers trying to feel the baby, so did he get the full experience?” Can you imagine a little old lady patting that man’s watermelon? LOL!

Screenshot of TikTok comment by Risa

There are more than 8,000 comments and many of them point of some pretty subtle nuances of pregnancy that don’t often get mentioned.

Like this one, from TikTok user Katherine Meyer, who wrote,

“LMAO when he laughed and the belly moved– that’s exactly how my belly did while I was pregnant and it made me laugh harder which made it worse!”

Screenshot of TikTok comment by Katherine Meyer

If you’re looking for a little bit of levity and need a good, wholesome laugh, definitely watch the full video, it is worth the two minutes.

And if you’re pregnant and feeling like your partner could be stepping up a bit more to show you some support, send them this TikTok, a watermelon, and a box of plastic wrap. It promises to be a good time!

You can watch the full TikTok video here: 


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