Crochet Babies Quickly Go Viral Online, And The Hilarious Comments Do Not Disappoint


I was 8-years-old when Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage. There was nothing, and I mean nothing, I coveted more than my very own one-of-a-kind doll tattooed with Xavier Roberts’ signature.

Alas, it was not meant to be.


Instead of finding a Cabbage Patch Kid under the Christmas tree that year, what I found was a craft kit to crochet my very own Cabbage Patch Kid look-a-like.

I thought it was the worst crochet doll I would ever see.

I thought wrong.

Daniel Arenson, a Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author, posted photos of “cute crochet babies” on his Facebook page where they have quickly gone viral, but not because they’re “cute.”

Warning: these may fuel your nightmares from now until forevermore.

Behold the “cuteness”:

FB post crochet doll
Photo Credit:

I know what you’re thinking, trust me, you’re not alone:

screenshot of FB comment

We’re wondering the exact.same.thing.

screenshot of FB comment

Granted, the dolls are definitely unique. And the craftsmanship is impressive. I mean, just take a look at the detail; the lifelike eyes, the cute little outfits, the hair that looks disturbingly human…

It’s obvious that a lot of effort has been put into creating these handmade humanoids of hell.

This one literally says, “I am your cuddle baby.” Awwwww. (Of course, it conveniently left out the part that says, “I will steal your soul while you sleep.”

But whatever.

FB post crochet doll
Photo Credit:

And there’s this little guy. Dressed in his little jeans and a turtle sweatshirt. He’s kinda cute, no?? Once you get past the dead-to-me stare and soul-sucking mouth, that is. 

FB post crochet doll
Photo Credit:

screenshot of FB comment

Hey, you invite in one creepy haunted murder doll, you might as well invite them all.

And then there’s this “cute” little doll, who may just be my favorite. And by favorite, I mean “Hell no.”

Does Chucky wanna come out and play?

“Knock knock, it’s your nightmare calling!”

FB post crochet doll
Photo Credit:

I think it’s safe to say, she has us all begging the question:screenshot of FB comment

We’re all scared. And for good reason. Nothing screams, “I’m going to stab you while you sleep,” quite like this doll.

screenshot of FB comment

Unless of course, you have one of these “lights” lying around: 

screenshot of FB comment

A little google search revealed that this isn’t the first time these dolls have haunted the world of social media.

Twitter user Councillor Rowan Battley, who describes himself as “Council leader of Chadwell, twinned with Las Vegas. Husband to Lola, father of Sally & Pericles. Scoutmaster/nudist” also shared the pics.

In his tweet, Battley wrote:

“My wife Lola will be selling her crocheted dolls in the precinct this Saturday, all proceeds to the drop-in-centre.”

He added:

“For God’s sake buy one, she’s made 600 of the bloody things. They’re all over the house. Every time I open the airing cupboard it’s like being attacked by Chucky.” 

Obviously, the tweet was fake. However, it doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

At the time it was posted, it went viral with over 172K likes and 6K comments. 

Speaking of hobbies…If you’ve fallen in love with these crafty creepies and have just discovered your new hobby, you’re in luck! I found the original pattern for a couple of the dolls and bonus, they’re available for the low low price of one human soul. 

(I’m totally kidding.)

You can check them out on, a website that caters to knitters, crocheters, and fiber artists.

The patterns are free to download and were created by Cleo’s Crochet Art.

You have the choice of Baby Louis or Baby Emily. Sorry, it doesn’t appear that “Chucky 2.0” is available.

screenshot of cleoscrochetart baby louis
Photo Credit: cleoschrochetarts-ravelry-store

In all seriousness, these dolls do take a lot of talent and dedication to create. And someone, somewhere, would love them, I’m sure.

Also, they would make a great accessory to go along with this award-winning crochet suit:

FB screenshot of award-winning crochet suit
Photo Credit: Allyson Kennedy Artist (Facebook)

You can read more about it here.



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