You Know You’re a Multi-Tasking Goddess Mother When…



You can simultaneously pee while bouncing a two-month-old on your knee (and while having a two-year-old crawling over your shoulder to sit in the sink…like a genie.)

You’ve mastered the art of folding clothes with one arm, because there’s an infant asleep in the crook of the other.

There’s dinner cooking, laundry drying, dishes soaking, and kids happily splashing in the bathtub…all at the same time.

Your toes become your best friend and super-duper picker uppers because your arms are full of kids, clothes, toys, trash, firewood, groceries, birdseed, kids, clothes, toys…

You are more proficient using a laptop one-handed.

You can start electronic devices with the push of your nose.

You can host a Google Hangout (or conference call) without anyone catching on that there are kids in the background dismantling the house.

You can breast feed while vacuuming the entire house—steps included.

Your best ideas come to you in your sleep, because that’s the only time you can think.

You can sweep the floor while hoisting around a wailing baby.

You’ve figured out how to nap and eat while taking a shower.

Your OCD left you a note asking where you’ve been lately.

Add your Goddess Mother multi-tasking achievement in the comments below!


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