Internet Hilariously Responds When Truck Full Of Vibrators Overturns On Highway


Now, I don’t know about you, but when I do some personal shopping, I like to make sure that the company I purchase from includes some discreet packaging (wink wink.)

But for anyone who may have been waiting on a shipment of discreet items recently, the wait might be a tad longer since a truck overturned on I-40 in Oklahoma, sending thousands of dildos and vibrators scattering across the stretch of highway.

In a hilarious breaking news segment, news anchors try to talk to a reporter on the scene who definitely knew more than the folks in the studio.

Watch this clip:

“Let’s get out to Jim Gardner; he’s over I-40, right at Mustang Road, a bad crash, go ahead Jim,” and then there is a long, awkward pause. But our man, Jim finally chimes in with

“Well, that’s right Lacey, there’s a semi that overturned and lost its load.”


Moments later, the anchors back at the studio ask what is all over the road, and our man Jim in the Skynews 9 chopper pauses and then sounds hesitant to respond.

“Jim, can you tell what he’s carrying there? What’s all over the road?” A female anchor asks.

There seems to be a delay and pause when Jim doesn’t answer right away so the two female anchors talk over one each other.

One says, “that’s a mess for sure,” and the other states to say, “looks like there’s some boxes—” and then Jim comes back into the convo. 

“Uh…well, not really,” Jim says over some indistinct chatter. 

“We’re zooming in … not really. I can’t tell. Maybe you can tell?” He says, obviously being able to tell.

Jim zooms in on the disaster and BOOM, what do we see? Hot pink finger vibrators from Adam & Eve.

So. Many. Of. Them. Everywhere. 

Jim saves the day by smoothing over the awkwardness.

He adds, “the good thing in all of this is the driver in not injured.” But that wasn’t enough to keep the internet from giggling way too hard at this. 

YouTubers couldn’t let this news story go.

One commenter wrote, “Your mom’s Amazon delivery has been delayed.” Another added, “‘Maybe you know what it is lacy’ …damn jim lol”

As you can imagine, the story made the rounds on social media and landed on Facebook, where users had a field day with this on-air exchange.

Adam & Eve even shared the news in a tongue in cheek post. 

One Facebook user wrote, “It’s my d**k. In a box. First, get a box…”

Screenshot of a Facebook comment 

Another wrote, “The local Facebook marketplace is suddenly flooded with ‘New in box’, ‘My loss if your gain’, ‘Lost receipt and can’t return’ discounted vibrators.”

Screenshot of a Facebook comment.

John Shaw wanted to know, “what’s all the buzz about?”

Screenshot of a Facebook comment.

Even the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Twitter account had something to say.

The account, which is not verified, but appears to be a traffic reporting account, shared a tweet about the road closure, writing, “Canadian County: I-40 eastbound access road just east of Mustang Rd. is completely closed due to a semi rollover…FS”

Screenshot of a tweet comment

There is no word about what happened to all of those boxes of hot pink toys and the highway has since been reopened. But definitely check the tracking on your order (lol). 


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