Mom Shares Funny “School” Pics And Brings To Light The Sh*tshow That Is Homeschooling


Remember when school was a thing that happened OUTSIDE of our homes? That was fun. It’s been who-knows-how-long since social distancing began, and homeschooling is getting old fast.


I never thought I could miss being stuck on the school drop-off line, but here we are. Hell, I’d even settle for the insanity that was the school PICK-UP line!)

Distance learning sure makes you miss some of the ordinary, everyday parts of school that we all took for granted, doesn’t it? Even class pictures.

Back in the good old days, many of us dreaded the whole “class picture” decal. I love my kids, but not the “buy $40 worth of wallet sizes” kind of love.

Now? We’d give just about anything to have some sense of normalcy like school picture day on our weekly calendars. A $75 giant pillow with my kid’s face on it? Take all my money, camera man.

But we don’t have to settle for allowing the last remnant of this school year to fade into obscurity without school photos to commemorate the semester!

One mom’s Facebook post featuring her family’s spring “school” pictures is cracking up parents everywhere after she nailed EXACTLY what the spring semester of 2020 is looking like.

Photo Credit: That’s Inappropriate (Facebook)

Meredith Masony of That’s Inappropriate has been in the trenches of the fresh hell that is homeschooling along with the rest of us weary, overwhelmed parents. Her latest post truly captures the mood of our current academic year, which can basically be summed up as:

But Meredith knew that sticking to a consistent schedule is key when it comes to kids & school, so in keeping with tradition, her (home)school had their own spring school photo session.

There’s nothing quite like peeking into those photo envelopes, wondering what you’ve got, am I right? Same here- only Meredith was thrilled with the results:

Spring school pictures are in! I was so excited to see that the photographer truly captured the mood of our school year.

And the photographer really captured the mood, & by ——

Photo Credit: That’s Inappropriate (Facebook)

Pensive. Thoughtful. And in keeping with weeks of online lessons at home, SHIRTLESS.

Photo Credit: That’s Inappropriate (Facebook)

Messy hair, DON’T care. In the time of quarantine, brushing hair is optional (so is brushing teeth, apparently- just ask my kids).

Photo Credit: That’s Inappropriate (Facebook)

Remember when you could choose your own digital background for school pictures? Instead of laser beams or the American flag, we’ve got the homeschool “kitchen door” special here. Can we get this in an 8 x10?

Teachers also honor the yearly school picture tradition, so Meredith got in on the action and had her own pic entered in this year’s homeschool yearbook.

And it is a MOOD.

Photo Credit: That’s Inappropriate (Facebook)

(Note that she’s wearing the official homeschool teacher uniform: PJs. Messy bun. Crooked glasses, and the look of resigned weariness worn by mothers everywhere right now.)

The best part of Meredith’s post caption?


Meredith offered for fellow parents to submit their own (home)school photos in the comments, & readers were happy to oblige.

Her description of the (d)evolution from orderly, early-morning lessons to total chaos is relatable AF! We’ve all basically reverted to living in frat houses full of late night binge-eating, a relaxed clothing optional” dress code, excessive gaming, and homework done at 2am.

Whatevs- this commenter puts it, #WhateverImDone #ItsPassFail.

How cool is THIS school?? I would have been a far better student if pets were permitted while working- just saying.

EXACTLY. I don’t know how the lunch lady/teacher/custodian still manages to look for fresh & happy, but the “supply teacher” has clearly seen some shit and is OVER ALL OF IT.

This is a popular picture pose this semester, especially before 11am. And kudos to any essential workers who are still managing to keep up with their kids’ schoolwork- I can’t.even.imagine.

These shots are perfection in terms of representing the soul of spring semester of 2020. Note the “quarantine bangs” (one of my own daughters is sporting this look).

The daughter’s daytime pajamas & look of horror as being photographed in her natural habitat. And the teacher’s look of “W…T….F???” is ALL of us right now.

Clearly this is one of those fancy-schmancy private schools; they’ve obviously got cutting-edge technology. Just look at all those Clorox Wipes! Lysol… NAME-BRAND Lysol! 

Love this candid shot of P.E. class- this is definitely one for the yearbook.

Wow, night school sure looks fun, doesn’t it??

This caption, though:

She will occasionally look at me and ask if she can hang up yet. She hates the computer and hates Zoom even more.

Same, girl. SAME.

We must be sharing the same curriculum, because my 7-year-old son “reads” the same way, too!

Remember how on school picture day you hopes that your child’s pictures were taken nice & early, before they had the chance to get messy? Never mind now.

It’s good to see that the arts are still alive & well in (home)school!

In the end the teacher said wear whatever you like and make those funny faces just write the damn sentences.

See, even the REAL teachers are over it.

…and so is the administration…

This is one of the weirdest phases of our lives, and homeschooling in the midst of it is challenging at best. It definitely helps to have a sense of humor, & Meredith Masony’s fans have proven that they are able to laugh at the crazy hell that is Spring (Home)School 2020.

Check out the link below to see more hilarious pics. 

Spring school pictures are in! I was so excited to see that the photographer truly captured the mood of our school year. #Blessed Submit your school pictures below. New Digital Yearbook video tomorrow!

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