16 Funny Tweets About The Hell That Is The School Morning Drop-Off


The new school year is already moving along at a rapid pace, which is more than we can say about the pace of the traffic at the school morning drop-off. No matter how positive an attitude you may have when preparing to drop off your little ones, the end result is typically a healthy dose of road rage.

The parents of Twitter can relate to your pain; laugh along with them as they share the angst of the dreaded school drop-off each morning.

  1. The school drop-off is one of the most tedious & annoying parts of parenting.

2. The process shouldn’t be complicated, yet- some people just.don’t.get.it.

3. Even preparing for the morning drop-off can be painful… for those around you.

4. Most of us thrown on the minimum amount of clothing required & hope for the best.

5. Or we rely on YESTERDAY’S clothing, because again- it’s way too early!

6. In fact, some of us embrace our hot-mess, pre-caffeinated selves.

7. Well, not too early for some parents.

8. But for most of us, our drop-off look is sheer survival.

9. Seriously- it’s a hot mess in front of that school, & so are we (even if we don’t know it).

10. There’s always someone that causes the line to back up. Always.

11. Why so slow?? Places to be, people! We’ve all got places to be!

12. Then there are the huge SUVs clogging the whole lane- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

13. I don’t like who I become when I’m trying to drop my kids. And I don’t like you while you’re dropping yours, either.

14. There are those that try to cut the line- notice I said “try”.

15. The drop-off makes you hate every single parent at that school. No one is spared.

16. And when it’s over, you get to do it again the next day. And the next, and the next…

And let’s not even get into the insanity that is the after-school pickup!


  1. I’ve just discovered that drop off at high school is the most treacherous. Those kids whose parents were late for drop off are now driving themselves!

  2. This is why I go insane when my kids are running late for the bus. I will lay down on the road to stop the bus, just so I do not have to sit in the drop off line.

  3. How about the anxious child who suddenly refuses to get on the bus,breaks down crying and is ready to flee like it’s the chain gang going to Alcatraz,while all the perfect parents are glaring at you like you run a freak show and learned your parenting skills from Gorillas?


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