4-Year-Old Goes Viral for Making Up “Leave Me Alone” Song That Is a Whole Mood


If you’ve ever had to be in a car with a kid, then you know that the entire mood of that ride hinged on how happy the child was. For one Philadelphia, Pennsylvania mom, Jovan Phillips-Lloyd, a recent trip to a Chick-fil-A drive-thru went from mundane to viral internet sensation pretty quickly thanks to her daughter Milan’s particular mood.


Lloyd told Good Morning America that her daughter, Milan, is regularly making up little songs while they drive around.

But this song, in particular, stood out to Lloyd who calls it a Hit and even titled it, Leave Me Alone.



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In the video, we see a super cute four-year-old Milan strapped in her car seat.

She doesn’t look terribly impressed and even appears to have a bit of furrowed brow and a serious expression. But that facial expression makes the video even funnier because what this child is belting out are the words, “leave me alone.” 

And hot damn if her sweet little song isn’t becoming an anthem. 

Soon after Lloyd posted it to her Instagram account, actress Taraji P. Henson shared it to her Instagram account, where her 16.8 million followers ate it up.

The video collected 1.1 million likes and over 5K comments, including from some very impressive names.

Mindy Kaling (yes, THAT Mindy!) wrote, “This is so funny, I can’t take it.”

Regina King, who was named Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine in 2020 wrote,

“It’s the shoulder roll for me. If yall see me hit the subtle shoulder roll you know I want the mofo in my face to “LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.”

Actress and producer Tamara Bass chimed in too, “She is me. I am her.”

Milan has some major celeb fans, but she’s also blowing up on Instagram in her own right.

At the tender age of four, this stylish tot already has more than 378K followers making her one the youngest influencers on the popular social media app.

Her posts are colorful, cheery, and fun and span images of her fashion and hair, as well as tons of cute videos. 



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We’ll be watching for more hilarious songs from Milan in the future. But for right now, we’ve got this little anthem memorized, shoulder roll and all. 



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