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Danielle Endl is a mommy to two mischievous little girls who love to keep her on her tippy toes. Armed with an education in English Literature and Public Relations, writing has always been close to her heart. On her blog - www.littlemunchkinmoments.com – she shares about the treasures and torments of being a mommy with honesty, humor and (mostly) warm-heartedness.

Why Is Bedtime Such A Shit Show?

Raise your hand if your kids become crazy assholes as soon as it’s time to start *thinking* about bedtime. I don’t know what brings about...

6 Reasons Traveling With Young Kids Is A Sh*t Show

It's time to admit what we all already know: travelling with young children sucks, and we all hate doing it. So why does everyone say we should? Let's cut ourselves some slack, and not feel bad if we decide we'd rather wait until our kids are older.