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We went from zero to five kids overnight through foster care and adoption. Now, we are passionate about encouraging others involved or interested in foster care and adoption. Read our whole story on our website, www.zero2fivefamily.com
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7 Things We Wish We Had Known About Foster Care

Foster care is tough! We fostered and then adopted a sibling group of five in 2017. Along the way, we learned a few tips...

Dear Husband, Make It OK For Me Not To Be OK

Dear Husband, I am struggling. The load I carry as a wife, mom, employee, daughter, friend, cook, housekeeper, taxi driver, nurse, activities coordinator, judge, warden, referee,...

I Love Watching My Girls Play Sports And Learn What It Means To Be...

This picture is at our last volleyball game of the season. I am so proud of these girls for so many reasons. #Superstar didn't even...

I Lost My Temper And Sent Them To Bed Early Today

We had a "family meeting" this morning. Just me and the kids, Jared was already at work, but I felt I needed to discuss with them what had happened last night at our house.