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The Doctor Said I Can’t Run Anymore And Just Like That–I Gave Another Little...

I used to run—I’d just decide, on a whim, to throw my earbuds in and run down my road—whenever I wanted. And even after I...

“You know what I love? Friends who Don’t Make this Friend Thing Complicated”

You know what I love? Friends who don't make this friend thing complicated. People who don't use the "you find out who your friends are"...

I Kept My Baby

I kept my baby. Even though I was sixteen, even though I didn’t know how I would, I kept my baby. Even when everyone told me “kids shouldn’t...

This Isn’t The Summer For Relaxing

You won’t catch me reading a book by the pool this summer. I won’t be sunbathing on the beach. This isn’t the summer I’ll have an...

“But you’re pretty enough, mama.” Those Words Stopped Everything.

The words that came from the other side of my bedroom door stopped everything. I stopped frantically searching for a bobby pin. I stopped my self-hate monologue. I just stopped.