This Isn’t The Summer For Relaxing


You won’t catch me reading a book by the pool this summer.

I won’t be sunbathing on the beach. This isn’t the summer I’ll have an even tan.


This isn’t the summer for relaxing.

I’ll spend more time applying sunscreen and wiping off sand than anything else.

I’ll spend more time swimming than sitting.

I’ll spend more time in the sprinkler than on the sun porch.

My fingernails won’t stay painted but they’ll open a gazillion popsicles.

The only highlights in my hair will be the ones placed there by the sun while pushing a stroller at the park.

My shoulders will be twice as tan as my stomach from the constant chasing and racing.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be enjoying it.

Because one day, when I’m sitting still with a favorite book in hand, I know I’ll see that summer mom I used to be – chasing, running, knee-deep in the chaos of it, and remember that I loved being her.

So I’ll be frustrated a few times that I never get a moment of peace this summer; at the park, the pool, the beach…and then I’ll embrace the fun that I can’t bottle up and spend this summer soaking up far more than the sun.

You won’t catch me reading a book by the pool this summer.I won’t be sunbathing on the beach.This isn’t the summer…

Posted by Trains and Tantrums by Whitney Ballard on Thursday, June 6, 2019


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