Fun Jobs For 13-Year-Olds That Pay


Can it be true? Can 13-year-olds really have jobs that earn money? It depends on your state laws and where you live. Most places have an age minimum of 14-16 for kids actually working at a “real job” but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for fun jobs for your 13-year-old. 


When your teen tells you they’re ready to start earning their own money, you listen! And if they’re too young to fill out a job application at the nearest Dairy Queen, just put on your thinking cap and try these simple options. 

Fun Jobs For 13-Year-Olds That Pay

The great thing about your teen wanting to start earning money is they’re learning true life skills without even realizing it. And as a parent, that’s really a win-win. They’ll stop spending your money AND learn responsibility at the same time. That’s a safe bet to take each and every time. 

But more than likely, they’ll need your parental expertise in helping them find jobs they can do since they can’t really go out to a workplace and clock in and out. (Dang it, laws!) 

At this age, keeping their work fun and engaging is going to be key to not having the life sucked out of them at a young age. (Seriously, work burnout is a real thing and doesn’t discriminate based on ages.) 

These jobs are fun — and a simple way to help your teen earn money quickly. 

Finding Jobs For 13-Year-Olds

Remember this list of job ideas is just that — a list. Add to it, take away from it, or have your child sit down and brainstorm right along with you. 

jobs for 13-year-olds


This is probably the most common and quickest way to start earning money. If you have younger kids, this can be a great way to start leaving the house more often. By having your teen take over, you’re letting them gain independence and learn responsibility. And you just might get a family discount, too!

Lawn Care

This could be a fast and simple year-round job for your teen to earn a set and steady income every single week. From mowing yards to shoveling snow, people will pay good money to not have to deal with things themselves. Your teen can provide a needed, helpful service right in your own neighborhood.

Homework Helper

Many parents dread the time and stress of their child’s elementary school homework. Your young teen could sit at their dining room table and help their child stay on task and complete their work while Mom or Dad starts dinner. 


It’s always amazing how people have dogs and then are gone all the time. But to someone wanting to make money, it can really be a goldmine. Have your teen offer dog-sitting services to your neighborhood.

This can include walking the dogs, letting the dogs out on a lunch break, or even sitting the dogs when the owners are out of town. People pay a HUGE amount of money to board their dogs with, unfortunately, little to no real interaction happening. So this can be an amazing chance for your teen to get money in their pocket quickly and frequently. And it’s fun! 

Just warn them this job will include picking up hot dog biscuits on the walks as part of the gig. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it (and you might as well get paid for it in the process). 

Any of these job ideas for teens are a fast way to get job experience and make extra cash. And if they do a good job, word will spread and they just might have more job requests than they know what to do with! 



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