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My name is Chelsy, and I am a single mother, blogger, and freelance writer. I help support moms trying to raise children with toxic and narcissistic exes on my blog Motherhood&Mayhem when I'm not drinking coffee or building blanket forts in my living room.

Why Dating as a Single Mom Sucks

There’s a universal truth about single parenting: it’s lonely. Sure, you have your little one to take care of, and a circle of amazing friends,...

Single Moms Are Exhausted. Here’s How (And Why) You Should Help Your Single Mom...

Single motherhood is becoming more and more of a commonplace situation but being a single mom is still a stressful and challenging situation. It’s easy...

6 Reasons I Hate Mom Facebook Groups

The first time I joined a mom Facebook group I thought it was great. Here was a solid online community of mothers helping other...

I’ve Learned To Co-Parent With My Narcissistic Ex, Even Though It Felt Impossible

I share a daughter with a narcissist and it took me 6 long years to figure out how to deal with that in a way that didn't bring stress and fear into my every day life.