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Janene Dutt resides on a small island in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three children. She writes about the humorous side of life and parenting. Her children once asked her 159 questions in 6 hours and she nearly lost her mind. She suffers from Pediculophobia, the fear of lice. When she’s not blogging or being interrogated by kids, you can find her combing through her family’s hair. Follow her on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/imightbefunny/

What My Free Spirit Daughter Wore To School On Her First Day Of 1st...

This is what my daughter wore to school on her first day of 1st grade. THREE pairs of different colored socks, all inside-out, stuffed...

Dear Children, Please Take A Lesson From The Dog

Dear Children, It's time we had a little talk. Last night when I fed the dog his dinner, I watched him, tail wagging and barely...

My Daughter Just Left For College, And I Wasn’t Ready

My son informed me the other day that I haven’t written a blog post in nearly a year.  And not for lack of material. ...