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Katie, also known as Katie Uncomplicated, is a redheaded mama of two little girls, a military wife, and a writer. She loves Jesus, coffee, Harry Potter (she's a Hufflepuff!) and mascara. After battling years of anxiety, depression and eating disorders, she's thrown the idea of perfection out the window. Katie lives to embrace life with purpose and is passionate about helping others do the same. You can find Katie at www.katieuncomplicated.com and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Parenting Is Overwhelming When You’re The Designated Adult

Tired as a Mother The weekends are always the hardest when your military spouse is gone. Well, weekends and nights. It’s during these times when...

We Put Our Kids To Bed Crazy Early But It Works For Us

My calm stage becomes a pirate ship, and I’m negotiating with Sassy Von Tantrum and Sticky McSnacky. I refuse to be weak. I won’t raise a white flag, but if you look closely, I’m blinking SOS. … _ _ _ …