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Nicole Pecoraro
Nicole is a Realtor and divorced mom of 3 living in a suburb of Chicago. As a single mom she likes to spend her abundant free time doing laundry, picking up other capable people's crap, and writing about kids, divorce, family, and this motherhood thing. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @momtransparenting or find her blog at

10 Ridiculous Excuses My Kids Use To Avoid Sleep

In my house we have a special kind of song and dance at bed time because I have multiple kids sleeping (in their own...

8 Totally Pointless Things People Say To New Moms

There are quite a few babies coming in my family this year. None of which happen to be mine (thank you, sweet baby Jesus...

Yeah, No. Parenting Is Nothing Like I Imagined

When I was a little girl I had a dream. A dream of growing up and being free of the know-it-all but know-nothing-at-all dorky,...

Every Mom Has A Favorite Child

Don't all crucify me at once. But can we be real for a minute? On any given day, at any given moment, I have...