7 You Tube Tutorials To Avoid


I love YouTube. It can be a great resource. I have watched cooking videos, tutorials on how to braid my daughter’s hair, and of course mash-up clips of the most epic of all fails. However, sometimes you should steer clear of You Tube.

7 You Tube Tutorials To Avoid

Electrical Wiring Tutorial

If you are not an electrician, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and stay away. I love DIY projects, but I am not going to attempt to electrocute myself in the name of home improvement. Wires can equal death. “Do I clip the red or the green? Red or green? OMG, which wire!”  I wouldn’t trust anyone on You Tube to give me solid advice about this subject. Not even Bob Villa.

Medical Procedures Tutorial

Last time I checked, doctors have to go to school for a really long time. Like, lots of years. Do not search You Tube for clips on how to lance a boil, or give yourself stitches. I have heard that the “ At Home Vasectomy” may not be the best choice. Go to the doctor and stay alive…. with all of your parts.

Makeup Tutorials

There are tons of fabulous makeup tutorial on You Tube. There are also terrible ones. I attempted to make a “smokey eye” but came out looking like I went 18 rounds with Mike Tyson. Be very selective with this one. You might want to look like Kate Moss, but come out looking like the Joker.

Pulling Teeth Tutorial

I hate the dentist. It is a visit that I dread every year. With that being said, I do not encourage anyone to search “How to pull your own teeth.” This is a bad idea, and can lead to some serious issues.

Get Rich Quick Tutorial

You Tube is filled with videos about how to get rich and famous fast. Save yourself some time, and a lot of money. No one gets rich quick. Making money takes time and effort. Giving some jackass your banking information because he is sitting on a yacht with a few blondes with big boobies, only makes him rich. It makes you stupid.

Exercise Tutorial

Getting fit is an important part of life. Be careful who you watch and what you try to master. Some of these exercise videos are a bit on the cray side and will cause you to get hurt. Remember to stretch and take water breaks. Tantric Hot Sweat Yoga Cardio is not for everyone.

Fashion Forward Tutorial

I am not the most up to date fashionista on the planet. I like my Tractor Supply trucker hat and jeans. I have sat to watch a few You Tube videos on what is hot and trending in the world of higher fashion, and I gotta say, it scared the crap out of me. Do not always trust these fashion icons. Wearing rubber body suits with pears is a look only a few people can pull off. I don’t want you to show up at a work fundraiser in a Lycra body suit with a denim vest because you saw some chick wear that on You Tube.

You Tube is a great resource, but use it wisely.




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