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Amanda Motisi is a mother of two, a teacher, and a certified holistic health coach. She writes about motherhood, parenting, mindfulness and education in an effort connect, inspire, educate and empower women from all over the world. She'd love for you to join her in her journey by following her on Instagram and Facebook (@aplacewithinme), or you can visit her website at www.aplacewithinme.com

Dear Daughter: I Pray You Marry Someone Who Loves You the Way Your Daddy...

My little girl, You are too young to understand this now, but one day years from now you may find yourself looking for a man...

Happy People Go To Therapy Too, Let’s Stop The Shame Around Maternal Mental Health

“Why do you need to go to therapy? You seem so happy! What do you even talk about there?” When my seeing a therapist comes up in conversation, I am often met with comments like this.