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Melanie Forstall is a full-time teacher, mother, wife, and never-enough-time writer at Melanie Forstall - Stories of Life, Love, and Mothering. She holds a doctorate in education which has been proven useless when it comes to actual parenting.

Modern Moms Overthink Literally Everything Because We Have Way Too Much Information

“Okay, now be sure to hold your breath when Mommy flushes!” I overheard from an adjacent public bathroom stall. “When the toilet flushes, all...

Cancer Helped Me Calm The F*ck Down

Cancer changes you. It’s sometimes a cheesy cliché, but I can attest to you that the statement is every bit true. I’ve changed in...

Unpopular Opinion: Get Dressed. It Helps.

I’ve been joking with my friends lately that my kids have become feral. In many respects, they have. Sure, we get up and have...

I Wasn’t Prepared For My Friend To Leave Me

“She doesn’t want to be my friend anymore.” We have certainly been there. As a mother of young children, I have unfortunately heard both of...

I Almost Drove Away Without My Son. On Purpose.

You know chaps me? What I hate the most about parenting? When my kids don’t listen to me. I’m so sick and tired of...

I Do Have It All. But Guess What? You Probably Do, Too.

The pressure on women today is great, as the expectations for us to ‘have it all’ continue to mount. We must be all things...

Imposter Syndrome is a Thief. We Deserve More

Guess what? Imposter syndrome isn't real. It’s a lie. Honestly. Imposter syndrome is simply a way for us to protect ourselves from the vulnerability...

You Didn’t Feel the Joy Of New Motherhood? It’s Okay…I Didn’t Either.

To the new mamma who didn’t feel the joy of new motherhood: It’s okay, I didn’t either. When I was pregnant for my first child,...

The Top 5 Times I Lost My Sh*t As A Parent

Sure, I am an experienced mother of two, and feel relatively secure as a parent, but no matter what, I remain a very flawed...

My Mantra For Motherhood – Let All The Unnecessary Shit Go

You have not lived until your child vomits deep inside the aisles of a retail store. I was shopping with my son recently on a...