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Erica Landis started her writing career in Mrs. Kelly’s second grade class with a tear-jerking essay about a No. 2 pencil. She went on to write herself and her friends into a 1980’s General Hospital storyline. The notebook pages were passed around like wildfire. She writes often about life after the loss of her two-year-old son, Noah, in a swimming pool accident. And after twelve years of marriage, her husband still hasn’t gotten used to her dropping her pants on the floor as soon she walks in the door. Follow her blog at Atop the Ferris Wheel and LIKE her on Facebook at Erica Landis- I'm a Writer.

I’m A Secret Emotional Eater, Just Like My Mother Was

My mother was fat. She didn't start out that way. She was 5'9" and 125 lbs when she married my father. She had my...

How Could I Ever Swim Again After Losing My Son In A Swimming Pool...

I am floating in a warm water pool of a New Jersey YMCA. It's been nine years since I've put my body in a...

My Child Talks To Strangers

I call her “The Towne Crier” as she blurts out random facts. She will talk to strangers in the supermarket, at Target, at Toys...

Here’s Why I Let My Child Swear At Home

I would giggle as she shyly repeated, in her tiny voice, my “OH SHIT” when I’d forget something upstairs after already buckling her into her car seat.