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Kristen Hewitt is a two-time Emmy winning reporter for Fox Sports and the Miami HEAT. She also writes and has been featured in multiple sites like US Weekly, TODAY, Scary Mommy to name a few. But her favorite job is being a mom to her two miracle IVF girls!

I’m Nervous AF About Online School, but I’m Faking it for Our Kids

Inside I’m a nervous wreck.   I have no idea who the teachers are, how the school day is going to go, and how much work...

I Promise I Won’t Miss THIS Part of Motherhood.

I was at the grocery today with the kids when I probably said a little too loudly, NOT in my nice mom voice, “You...
To My tween, I'm sorry your life is miserable. Parenting tweens is not easy, but pre-teen life for them is hard too. This letter to my tween is perfect for any mom struggling through this phase of parenting. #momlife #tween #tweens #filterfreeparents #tomytween

To My Tween, I’m Sorry Your Life is So Miserable

To My Tween Daughter, I’m sorry you have to make your bed, filled with organic bamboo and cotton sheets as soft as butter - topped...

A Letter To My Uterus the Night Before My Hysterectomy

My hospital bag is packed, but this time it's not for the welcoming of a new baby, it's for my hysterectomy. A decision I've...