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If your kids are pretty awesome but they still drive you nuts, or you’re great at keeping it together most of the time but you still feel angry and overwhelmed (and yell at your kids only to feel guilty about it later), then check out www.thinkfeeldecide.com. Lindsay offers support and guidance to great moms who struggle sometimes with their young children. She's a mom of two, certified in Positive Discipline, and she doesn’t believe there’s one right way to parent. Her strategies meet you where you are and focus on improvement, not on being the perfect mom.

The Message Our Kids Need To Hear About School

I had a very interesting and enlightening conversation with my 4 year old daughter after she let it slip that there's a time-out chair...

Emotional Overwhelm Is Real During Back To School. Here’s What You Can Do.

My two year old is struggling with back to school. Yup, you're reading this right. My 2 year old. He's not even in school, but...

Here’s What We Forget When Kids Act Out

When our kids act out, there’s something we tend to forget. We see the hitting, the biting, the screaming, the refusal to cooperate, the...

How To React When Your Child Is Seeking Revenge

I could see the look of fury in her eyes as her arm wound up and she launched the red block straight at my...