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After 12 Years THIS Is What You Want In A Partner. This Is Romance.

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary. We started dating in high school, and married 5 years later. I was barely old enough to enjoy...

If You Don’t Think A Black Little Mermaid Matters – You. Are. Wrong.

I had a discussion with a friend about how excited I was for my daughter to see the upcoming Little Mermaid movie. I told her...

Five Easy Ideas For Self Care For Moms That Feel Like Running Away Forever

I do almost the exact same thing every day: wake up, pack lunches, get everyone ready and out the door, laundry, sports practice, dinner,...

My New Years Resolution? Survive.

Here we are again, friends. The brink of a New Year. My newsfeed is full of positive manifestations for the next trip around the...

My Boys Insist On Wearing Shorts In Winter, And I Don’t Care Anymore

My boys were born with a rare yet serious condition known as never-cold-rothopy. Symptoms include having no capacity for feeling cold, having a strong aversion to wearing pants, and becoming highly offended and irrationally emotional when someone suggests