This Four Year Old “Halloween” Photo Shoot Will Leave You Totally Creeped Out By The End


Fall has officially arrived, and with it comes brisk temperatures, the crunch of leaves under our boots, and a barrage of sweaters, infinity scarves and all things pumpkin spice.


Another much-anticipated aspect of fall is Halloween, & all of the creepy things associated with it. Some people like to get into the spirit of the season scary movies (and by some people, I mean people that are NOT ME. Thanks to a viewing of Poltergeist at the tender age of six, I now have now have lifelong trust issues with trees, clown dolls, TVs, & walk-in closets).

But some kids are obviously more badass than my own feeble self, & don’t just love scary Halloween movies- they REALLY LOVE them. 

One little girl loves the Halloween film series so much that she had her photographer mom stage an entire photo shoot with her & the main character, Michael Myers, & the Internet has thoughts. Lots of thoughts.

Mom Breanna of Breanna Marie Photography wanted to do a Halloween-themed photo shoot of her 4-year-old daughter Maci. To that end, she adopted the “go big or go home” approach- and went big. Really, REALLY big.

And just to be clear, Maci was all-in for this, as her mom’s Facebook post description indicates:

Let me just say this.. she was WAY to excited for this & she KILLED this session.. (no pun intended)

Breanna created a lovely tea party scene resembling something out of Alice In Wonderland, set in a serenely wooded area. 

What’s less serene, however, is the appearance of Michael Myers lurking like the ultimate tea-party-crashing-creeper in the background…

Photo Credit: Breanne Marie Photography (Facebook)

Jesus, take the wheel!!

Now for those who are familiar with the Halloween movies, you know that Michael Myers isn’t popping in to join sweet ‘lil Maci for a cuppa. In fact, he’s brought his own utensil to this little shindig- a big old butcher knife.

Photo Credit: Breanna Marie Photography (Facebook)

Now if I was in Maci’s teeny sandals, my 4-year-old reaction would have involved shrieks of hysteria, some very grown-up inappropriate language, & the soiling of my white dress, FO’ SURE.

But Maci’s not one to let a little psycho killer kill her caffeine buzz; she invites Mr. Myers to attend her little soiree!

Photo Credit: Breanna Marie Photography (Facebook)

What begins as a potentially disturbing horror-movie scene evolves into a sweet bonding moment between child and… creeper.

Photo Credit: Breanna Marie Photography (Facebook)

There’s nothing better than a nice walk through the woods after you’ve downed your tea, so Maci & Michael Myers take a stroll… knife in hand, of course, because Halloween.

Photo Credit: Breanna Marie Photography (Facebook)

As if that sight isn’t enough to give you the heebie-jeebies… it gets BETTER. (Or worse?)

Photo Credit: Breanna Marie Photography (Facebook)

Well, that escalated quickly!

Turns out that our sweet little Maci is less sweet and more SAVAGE.

No, seriously:

Photo Credit: Breanna Marie Photography (Facebook)

Breanna’s post quickly gained traction on social media, earning over 77K likes and 221K shares in just three days.

People definitely had mixed opinions on Breanna’s Halloween photo shoot, and in classic social media fashion, they shared exactly how they felt about it.

This is definitely starting them young! 

Clearly Michael Myers has his fans out there…

You can love Michael Myers, just don’t LOVE him. (Mysterious, yes. Cute?? Not so much.)

Can’t say I saw that coming either, my friend. Definitely didn’t expect that ending. Or that beginning, really…

While the pics had plenty of enthusiastic fans, others were less than “thrilled” with the scene:

(Do ANY photo shoots serve a “purpose”? Just saying…)

No means no here. And apparently those emojis also mean NO. NOOOOOO!!!!

Challenge accepted, sir. (Note: this guy’s profile pic sort of looks like Michael Myers, doesn’t it??)

No emojis used to express her point, but plenty of amused emojis in response to it!

(I’m confused by her wording, but I sense she’s displeased by it- another “take this away” vote.)

Clearly this dude doesn’t like it… but this shouldn’t be “on here”? As though Facebook can’t handle a little blood & gore? I’ve seen church ladies here on Facebook hurl profane insults at one another over broccoli casserole recipe ownership, so I’m thinking we can handle a little “Michael Myers at a tea party”.

While Breanna’s photo shoot attracted its share of haters, most commenters gave her props for her creativity. But love it or hate it, it’s definitely unique!

Make sure to check out all the photos here



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