Let’s talk about balance. What exactly is this thing called balance, one may ask? According to the dictionary definition, balance is an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Well there you have it. What does balance for a woman look like? Society has given women this description of always having it together. The painted picture of always looking beautiful, face always beat, very well dressed, physically fit, SME (subject matter expert) of raising children, the cook, the maid, the sexual goddess to her spouse no matter how she feels, and oh let’s not forget educated and talented. Wow that sounds exhausting just typing it.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of these things may be realistic to some but what about to the average woman? There’s a balance that we forget sometimes. A balance that is much needed, longed for, but yet sometimes seems to be the last thing on our mind. Has anyone ever asked us how we do it all or do they just expect it to be done? I call myself Wonder Woman because I feel that she embodies a strong, resilient woman. She deflects bullsh!t with her gauntlets and takes no mercy; but even SHE must have balance.
How do we raise beautiful humans, take care of home, and still have a purpose in this world? I’ll tell you. By simply not caring what others think of you and going through life by doing the best you can with this thing called balance. I’ve spent years worrying about the thoughts of others and it’s like going through life walking on eggshells. As a woman we are built to take on a lot and not miss a beat. We are built to be strong but even we need…..BALANCE. When we are pulled in so many directions on a daily basis, something is bound to fall by the wayside. That’s why we need BALANCE.
Balance can come in all forms like taking a bath and listening to music, getting a pedicure, going to a coffee shop to read, breaking from your regular family routine and going to a movie or dinner, having a good cry, hiding in the basement from the little ones while eating ice cream just to get a break, having a very tall glass of something, or just chatting with friends. Balance is what refuels us to take on this thing called life. We can’t pour from an empty cup. As I write this, I’ve realized that I to need a little more balance in my life. Taking a timeout doesn’t mean that we’re weak or less than, it just means that we need a moment to get it together before stuff
 hits the fan and we explode. Which I think is best for everyone. So I ask, how do you balance yourself in this crazy world?


  1. Balance, honestly I don’t think I know how to balance anything in MY life. I’m great at helping others but when it comes to me I’m lost. I’m great at procrastination, so I wait until the absolute last minute for everything (I hate that about myself). I wish I could find some balance there. I don’t need to stop procrastating everything maybe just a few things.
    Thank you for your time in writing this!


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