Cheerleader Rallies Peers To “Mask Up” Despite Students’ Own Parents Protesting Mask Wearing


There are few things as divisive as the topic of masks these days. Want to start a nuclear-level war of words on social media? Mention the word “mask” and sit back and watch the sparks fly. 


Masks have become so incendiary in fact, that there are people willing to fight, yes, literally fight, not to have to wear one.

Fistfights are breaking out in Mini-Mart aisles, smackdowns are happening at Trader Joe’s and one brawl in a Los Angeles Target store left an employee with a broken arm.

Who knew that such a small piece of fabric could wield so much power? 

As the coronavirus continues its relentless assault, a number of states have instituted mandatory mask-wearing protocol in an attempt to slow its spread, including in our schools.

Students who refuse to wear a mask at school risk being suspended and sent home. 

And parents are upset. So upset, in fact, that organized protests are popping up across the country. In Enterprise, Utah, a call went out for parents and their children to participate in “No Mask Monday.” 

According to KSL News, one Facebook post read:

“Everyone commit to No Mask Monday! Do NOT send your kids to school with a mask. They cannot suspend the whole student body!”

However, pushback came from an unlikely source. Students stood up to protest the protest. 

In a passionate speech slamming “No Mask Monday,” cheerleader Dallee Cobb rallied her team and fellow classmates to mask up.

At last Friday’s Enterprise High football game, the senior stood with her teammates and others and spoke these words:

“In the midst of all this crazy uncertainty, EHS is doing its best to ensure an amazing senior season for all of us, but they can’t do it alone. In order to do your part, we ask you to please mask up.”

She went on to say:

“We, of all people, should know that wearing a mask is not fun. Neither is wearing a seatbelt, or a life jacket, or pads for football but we do all these things so we have a future.”

After witnessing all that the senior class of 2020 had lost out on, Cobb doesn’t want history to repeat itself. She wants her team to be able to play out their season. She wants to have a senior year with homecoming, and prom, and graduation.

Cobb wants what all high school students want. To have a normal senior high school existence. In school. With her friends.

And can anyone really blame her? 

Our kids need to be able to live their lives. We all do. This pandemic has stolen so much from all of us already. For six months we have lived under its shadow. Life as we knew it has been turned completely upside down and inside out.

Our children are having to deal with situations that they should never have to deal with. They are facing worries and fears that are robbing them of living a normal, everyday childhood existence.

If we can regain some semblance of life BC (before corona) should we not do whatever it takes to make it happen?

Dallee thinks so.

She implored the crowd:

“So we ask that you put your mask on so that we can get our game on. We know that many of you disagree with the mask mandate so we leave the decision up to you. But ask that you keep in mind that by wearing your mask you are supporting all of us athletes and helping us get back to some kind of normalcy.” 

Because right about now, normal sounds like heaven.

The speech was shared by her father, Mike Cobb, on Facebook. It has been viewed over 10,000 times. And while he openly disagrees with the wearing of masks, he does agree with supporting his daughter, local schools, and the administrators. 

He also recommends that people stop taking their protests to the doors of the schools and instead voice their frustration to the “office that matters.”

The governor’s office. 

Like many people, Dallee doesn’t love wearing a mask. What she does love? Is living an average teenage life. Surrounded by her friends and family.

Going to football games and cheering on her favorite team. Physically going to school. Looking forward to all of the special moments that grace the pages of our high school yearbooks.  

“I personally hate wearing this stupid thing, but you can bet I am doing whatever I can to be able to be here with my teammates and doing the things that I love.”

Out of the mouths of babes. Isn’t this what it should be for all of us?

On Monday, the student body of Enterprise High School showed up. All of them wearing masks.

The principal of the school, Calvin Holt had this to say about his students, “It shows a lot of promise in the future. We’ve got great kids at Enterprise High School. We’re just happy to be back in school and we’ll do anything we can to stay here.”

And isn’t this what it should be for all of us?

Shouldn’t we be doing whatever we can to LIVE LIFE? Please, just wear the damn mask. Not for yourself, but for everyone. So we can ALL get back to doing the things we love. 

Especially our children.

This right here is 100% what it’s about! If you don’t want to support our local teachers and administrators! Feel free…

Posted by Mike Cobb on Saturday, August 22, 2020



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