Clean Home, Clear Mind: Ways to Tidy Up For Clarity


Research has shown that clutter carries a weight on people. It has been connected to both a person’s stress levels as well as their motivation. If you’re someone who wants to take steps to help reduce some of your mental fog, this means you can turn to your home to make a change. If you’re tired of your home being one of the root causes of your stress, check out the following tips on how to tidy up your home to achieve more mental clarity.

Clean Out Your Closet

For most, our morning starts in our closet looking for something to wear for the day. If you find yourself trying on things and tossing them on the floor rather than wearing them, ask yourself if you do this every time with this particular garment. Go through and finally say goodbye to any impulse buys, itchy sweaters, or items that are ill-fitting. Don’t leave them hanging around to clutter up your home either. Once you’ve gathered up your unwanted garments, you can use a mail-in closet clean out program to sell these used clothing items and get them out of your way once and for all. With the extra space you’ve cleared out, you can better organize your clothing and will have less to go through while putting together your outfits. This will prevent procrastination of putting the clothing away because it won’t be as difficult, helping to keep your closet from spilling into your room.

Target the Tupperware

Our kitchens are another area in which chaos easily catches up with us. We cook our meals and save leftovers for lunch or dinner. If you have kids, you’re packing them lunches. Busy schedules can keep your day-to-day hectic. The cabinets where the Tupperware is stored are likely just a messy pile of various sizes and types of containers. Unless you’re someone who sends people home with leftovers or baked goods, you probably don’t need to save the containers your Chinese food comes in. It may be time to invest in a better Tupperware set that is designed with storage in mind or just better fits your space or food needs. If you don’t want to overhaul your Tupperware and make that kind of investment at this time, look into storage solutions so that it at least makes putting them away easier. Messy cabinets are the culprit of many hurried morning exasperations when someone is trying to find a container in a time crunch and instead, they all come tumbling out at you. This is not the tone you want to set for your day, nor is it something you want happening at the end of the day when you just want to come home to relax.

Lose the Laundry Piles

Now that you’ve cleaned out closets and have them organized, it’s time to tackle laundry habits. When does it build up? Does it pile up near showers never making its way to a hamper of dirty clothes? Or are dirty clothes strewn about bedrooms? Find decorative hampers to keep in these areas so that you can make it easy for people to toss their dirty clothes somewhere while keeping the room from looking messy. Opting for more decorative hampers will help the room’s visual appeal while also serving its function.

Fix Up the Family Room

It can be hard to keep higher traffic rooms clean, like the living or family room, simply because it’s getting so much use. Make sure movies and games have places they can easily be tucked away when they’re not in use to prevent the age old stack of cases from piling up next to the television. Game systems aren’t always the most attractive things so consider updating your living room to have an entertainment center that will suit all your needs, with the kind of functionality that can hide these things when they’re not in use. There are plenty of things that can throw off the relaxing feel of this room so be sure to address the cluttering item in question. By solving the matter of why it’s getting left out, you should be able to come up with a solution that makes it easier and more likely to be put away. It is critical that this room is clear of clutter because it’s a place where you tend to go to sit down and relax at the end of the day. If you have to clear things out or clean it up everytime you go in there, it won’t be a haven for relaxation, it will be a point of stress.


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