Sleep Better with Essential Oils


Everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time, but have you ever thought about trying essential oils for sleep? They can be a great addition to your nightly routine and help add some new scents to your home as well. The following infographic by SleePare covers 15 of these essential oils. Each claim is backed by science, meaning they really work to help get rid of sleepless nights without having to resort to harsher chemical assistant that can be hard to wake up from the next morning. These different essential oils to help you sleep have their own unique benefits which are as follows.

Lavender – While lavender will definitely help you to sleep better, it has also been proven to help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature.

Frankincense – This oil can help you to sleep by easing tension and promoting relaxation; however, it also works well to treat stomach issues like indigestion and ulcers.

Ylang-Ylang – Ylang-ylang can help you to sleep better by reducing stress and anxiety. It can also reduce hypertension and high blood pressure.

Valerian – While valerian has long been known as a sleep aid, did you know that it also improves digestion and helps to stimulate the appetite?

Clary Sage – This essential oil eases you to sleep by reducing stress. Additionally, it can also provide women with relief from PMS related symptoms and depression related to menopause.

Sweet Marjoram – Sweet marjoram balances the circadian rhythm in shift workers and can help to reduce coughs, stomach cramps, and stabilize the cardiovascular system.

Bergamot – Reducing cortisol is helpful for better sleep and bergamot can do that as well as reduce blood pressure.

Roman Chamomile – One benefit to this essential oil is that it helps to reduce nightmares in young children, additionally it can lessen feelings of fatigue.

Rose Geranium – Not only does this essential oil has been proven to give you a better night’s sleep but also cleanses the lymphatic system.

Jasmine – Usable as an antisceptic, Jasmine promotes better sleep by reducing feelings of anxiety.

Cedarwood – If you have a wound using cedarwood for aromatherapy will help it heal, it will also help to sedate the body before bed.

Rose – Often found in skincare products, rose oil diminishes blemishes and promotes deep sleep. 

Peppermint – While peppermint can help you to sleep better, it also works to alleviate headaches and muscle fatigue.

Juniper – Juniper supports kidney and urinary tract function in addition to helping you rest better at night.

Neroli – A multifaceted essential oil, neroli treats oily skin, reduces stretch marks, and regulates menopausal symptoms.


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