19 Funny Tweets About The Swampy Suckfest That Has Been 2020


So… 2020, am I right? What a year. What a crazy, broken, dysfunctional, dirty, flaming dumpster-fire of a year.


So far 2020 has been an unequivocal shitshow to say the least, & that’s putting it mildly. We had wildfires. A pandemic. Face mask requirements. Toilet paper shortages. Drive-by birthday parties, virtual learning, Zoom meetings, murder hornets, alien sightings, meteor threats, event cancellations, and OHMIGOD someone make it stop already!

Let’s take a well-sanitized stroll down Memory Lane with the folks of Twitter through the swampy suckfest that is 2020, shall we?!


  1. I think we all can agree that 2020 has been quite a ride so far, no?

2. Remember when things were “normal” back in February? And how 2020 seemed full of potential? Well… that escalated quickly.

3. Along came quarantining. Stay at home, you say? Well alrighty. Wait- KEEP staying at home? Like, together? All of us? All.the.time together??

4. Professional sports got cancelled, which led to even more “quality” time for families… like it or not!

5. And how about that toilet paper-hoarding? That was fun, huh?

6. Let’s not forget face masks. It’s 2020, and we’re all wearing frigging masks.on.our.faces. But it seemed kinda cool, I mean, at first…

7… until you had your first pungent face-mask faux pas. Ew.

8. At least we can thank 2020 for bringing us the fascinating trainwreck that is Tiger King


9. Granted, we all had time to binge-watch Tiger King… until virtual learning kicked in, of course. And by “kicked”, I mean kicked our parental ASSES.

10. As if a pandemic and quarantining wasn’t bad enough, 2020 expected us to teach??

11. (Granted, the more organized of us parents came up with successful virtual learning curriculum that were, well, certainly relevant.)

12. 2020 then decided to send its next chapter of “WTF??”: MURDER HORNETS.

13. Zoom meetings became the norm for school & for working folk. And #PoorJennifer became the Zoom cautionary tale heard -and seen, in all her toilet-crouching glory- about what NOT to do in an online live meeting.

 14. Remember when there was talk about aliens being real, & UFO sightings being confirmed back in April, & we were all like, “Whatever.” because 2020?

15. We’ve all been doing this pandemic thing for a LONG TIME, 2020, and we are so over it.

16. Many schools across the country are finally open, & although many of us thought the future would be different than our past, this is not what we meant.

17. 2020 has forced us to cancel so many cool things, & it’s still going.

18. I mean, we can catch Covid, but can’t seem to catch a break…

19. But if a Covid vaccine isn’t available by the end of 2020, at least we’ll be immune to something!

Go home, 2020- you’re drunk! (And stressful. Overwhelming. Scary. Nasty, -insert your own colorful choice of descriptive adjective here-,etc.) It’s not us, it’s YOU, and you need to back off & let us have a peaceful 2021, please & thank you.


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