Viral Ring Video Shows Kids Refill Halloween Candy Bowl After Teen Steals It All


Ok, stop doom scrolling about elections and Covid and the earth literally being on fire because I have a heartwarming story for you.


On Halloween night, two little kids — who clearly understood the assignment — restored our faith in humanity when they refilled an empty Halloween candy bowl so that other kids could still trick-or-treat.

In a TikTok video that has gone viral with 6.7 million views, 1.3M likes, and 28.7K comments, Conrad Garza shows Ring camera footage that captures what appears to be a teenager taking an entire bowl’s worth of candy for himself.

A moment later, a little girl shows up and sees that the bowl is empty. But instead of being disappointed and without missing a beat, she begins to empty her own candy into the bowl.

A moment later, a little boy shows up and sees what she is doing, and he joins her in refilling the bowl.

Whoever is raising these kids is doing it right.

At the end of the video, some text appears at the bottom of the screen that reads, “can someone please find these kids? I want to buy them a whole bag of candy.”


We are all raised different ?? #fyp #halloween #halloweencandy #foryou #humanity #pleaseshare #candy

? original sound – Conrad Garza

In true TikTok form, the community gathered and launched this video into the stratosphere, which meant that it ended up on the For You pages of the kids’ parents.

Because shortly after the candy video was posted, the father of the little girl left a comment.


Reply to @ivantorres457l stay tuned #fyp #rewarded

? original sound – Conrad Garza

But it gets better because shorter after that, the little boy’s mom also commented and Conrad Garza posted this:


Reply to @kaybae6 found the boy

? original sound – Conrad Garza

And if the whole story weren’t heartwarming enough, once Garza figured out who the parents were, he uploaded yet another video.

This time it was to let his followers know what their Venmo accounts are so that folks could donate funds to get those kids some Halloween candy after they selflessly handed their own candy over in the name of fun. 


Reply to @kaybae6 ??? #fyp

? original sound – Conrad Garza

Sadly, nothing heartwarming on the internet can be left alone.

Commentators took major issue with Garza trying to reward these kids and went as far as accusing the parents of trying to scam money out of strangers.

This lady wrote, “reward the kids…send the parents to rehab they want to make money out of their kids!!! Come on people.” I’m just curious…did she see the same videos that I saw? Because she absolutely twisted this. 

This person. Who thinks it’s inappropriate to surprise people for being good souls. They wrote, “Why do that? Reward them with cash!? No! Doing a good deed should be rewarded with a “good job.”

The comments got so bad that people started to jump in to defend what started out as a simple and kind gesture to thank some sweet kids.

This person wrote, “Why are some of the grown adults so salty that some people want to reward children for a good deed in an AWFUL world? Did I miss something here?” Um, yes. But I missed it too…I’m just as confused. 

Mav commented, “For all the negative comments, the kids or their parents didn’t ask for money. The public asked where they can donate to the kids. Stop hating.”

And we totally agree. Yes, some kids did something really kind without being told to. No, no one owes them a damn thing. They are still really great kids whose parents obviously did something right. 



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