PTA Creates Hilarious Signs To Keep Parents Moving During School Drop Off Because This Is Serious, People


There are two types of people in the world – those who know how to do the school drop-off line, and those who don’t. (Bless them, for they know not what they do and also, wtf Janet, mooooooove!)


When it comes to the school drop-off line, either you are team tuck and roll or you are wrong.

There is no in-between.

Some of you are thinking this sounds a bit harsh, I get that, but there are RULES. Rules that have to be obeyed.

School drop-off is serious business. This is no time for dilly-dallying or chit-chat. It’s in and out people. In.And.Out.

Which is easy enough, right? Wrong.

Because apparently, there are some parents that just don’t get it, no matter how many school emails are sent out, or how many times it is brought up in school meetings, or how many color-coded maps are handed out.

So in an attempt to help these poor misguided parents out, one PTA has come up with a creative and hilarious solution to get the message across.

The Mountain View School PTA in Wadell, AZ, created a number of signs making it clear that school drop-off means, by definition, that you are DROPPING OFF your child.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. And whoever came up with these is a genius.

The 8-member PTA group posted the signs on their Facebook page where they have quickly gone viral with over 6K likes, 4K comments, and 20K shares.

They captioned their post:

“Check out the signs our amazing PTA team came up with and had made for morning drop off! We are so excited to put these out tomorrow and we hope it will help to get the drop off line moving and lighten that morning mood!

Remember, if you want to wait for the gates to open, park in the lot and walk them in.”  

Let’s take a look, shall we?

The first sign is inspired by TLC’s Chasing Waterfalls but instead of the lyrics “Don’t go chasing waterfalls,” they’ve been replaced with “Don’t go blocking drop off lines.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/MountainViewSchoolPTA

And I know you’re all singing right now. Let me help you out…

“A lonely mother gazing out of her window
Staring at a son that she just can’t touch.”

Because you’re in the school drop-off line. Now is not the time for long farewells. It is not the time for warm embraces, multiple “I love yous” or brushing your child’s hair. STAY IN YOUR CAR LINDA… 

…And just wave Bye Bye Bye.

Photo Credit: Facebook/MountainViewSchoolPTA

Because if you don’t it’s going to get ugly. There is nothing more rage-inducing than the school drop-off line that doesn’t move. Noth-ing.  

And the longer you sit there and hold up the line? The more likely it is that “You’re probably gonna start a fight” with the parents lined up behind you who just can’t take it anymore.

I know that I can’t take no more
It ain’t no lie
I wanna see you out that door
Baby, bye bye bye. 

As much as some of you can’t wait to get your kids out the door, sometimes you just need to be patient. Take it slow. Wait your turn and pull allllllll the way up.

Photo Credit: Facebook/MountainViewSchoolPTA

 Because prematurely unloading? In the infamous words of Rachel Green, “It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy and it is a big deal!” And while she wasn’t talking about the school drop-off line, she could have been. Speaking of Ross…

Once your children are safely deposited on the sidewalk, take another cue from Friends and pivot, pivot, pivot, PIV-AT!!!

Right on outta that drop-off line:

Photo Credit: Facebook/MountainViewSchoolPTA

Even with all of these hilariously friendly reminders, you just know that someone’s going to come along and mess it all up.

They’re going to pull up, PARK their car, and walk their kids right up to the school doors. 

And to these parents, The Mountain View School PTA would just like to say:

“Please do NOT wait with your students in the drop-off line. It is a drop-off only. If you choose to wait with them, you need to park.”


Photo Credit: Facebook/MountainViewSchoolPTA

Nah-nah-nah-nah, you can’t park here. 

Yo, I told you (You can’t Park here)
Why you standing there, man? (You can’t park here)
Yo, sound the bell, school is in, sucka (You can’t park here)

And if these signs don’t get the drop-off line rolling? I don’t what will.

Reactions to the signs have been pretty much what you would expect. People are absolutely loving them.

Some commenters even had suggestions for other signs they’d like to see:

And if you’re looking to make your own? The PTA offers a cheap and easy DIY: 

“We came up with the ideas ourselves, made them on Canva and had them printed at Walmart.”

Anyone who has experienced the dreaded school drop-off knows the agony and all-consuming rage that overwhelms even the most passive among us. And yet, we still do it, day after day after agonizing day. Because our kids need to go to school. 

Will the signs make any difference? It’s too early to tell. 

But at the very least, parents at Mountain View School can get a bit of comic relief while they’re sitting in the drop-off line rage-crying at the idiots who still.don’ 

You can check out the original post here:


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