Fall Decorating Ideas Using Less Plastic And More Garden Goodies


Is the air feeling crisp? Are you getting a little chilly in the evening? Yes! Fall is here, people. It is time for some fall decorating! 


This year, we don’t want you to buy more plastic pumpkins and Halloween decorations. You can have some fun making your own unique, “green” displays using items close to home!

You’ll hear people refer to anything round, orange, and used-for-squash-spiced lattes as pumpkin, which is generally true. In autumn, we tend to concentrate on winter squash and gourds for fall decorating. After all, it is the central theme for Halloween.

In collaboration with Oliver from Wonderland Gardens, we have rounded up the best ideas for fall decorating with goodies from the garden.

fall decorating

Spruce Up The Porch

Your display doesn’t have to be elaborate and expensive to make a gorgeous, fun first impression. 

Creepy Ghost Door

An excellent way to get your guests excited for the party is an eerie welcome with a ghost set porch. Use thin branches or sourced edible additions like bay leaves which can go over the door frame. Now you can hang some wing gourds.

They help bring in the Halloween theme colors. Wing gourds come in different shapes with curved necks and different colors like yellow, white, and green. But if you don’t like them in their natural color, you can always paint them to coordinate with your decor.

Pumpkin Towers

Another awesome twist is stacking whole pumpkins in different sizes along the steps. They make a grand entrance while setting the celebratory mood. Place the gourds on ceremonial vases, crates, or urns with the largest at the bottom all the way to the smallest at the top. Then, sandwich leftover cabbage or kale leaves in between each pumpkin to brighten up those orange gourds.

Fall Wreaths

It’s unique, it stands out, and you don’t have to source many materials from the store. First, it’s usually easy to grab a vast collection of fall leaves in bright colors. A wreath for your door may be made entirely of leaves and grapevine while others could include gourds, faux flowers, berries, peels, leftover ribbon, and grasses on a wire wreath.

Warted Gourds

This is a simple and super fun fall decorating idea. Don’t get scared by the wart name given to these gourds. They naturally grow to have a wart-like exterior. Simply remove the inner flesh and punch out holes using an apple-corer. Then insert candles to give your gourd a glow.

Decorate Your Jack-O’-Lantern

No Halloween party is complete without a carved jacked-o’-lantern. But you don’t have to go the traditional way. Twist it up by adding something that pops.

Happy Owl Pumpkin

Here, you get to create a cute owl without carving anything out. And, it can sit absolutely anywhere from the doorstep to the mantle. You’ll need one big pumpkin to serve as the owl’s body and three small white pumpkins to become the eyes, ears, and feet.

  • Cut the small pumpkins in half and use the halves that have dried stalks for the eyes.
  • Use toothpicks to prick the owl’s body and input the eyes.
  • Then carve out the ears, nose, and feet from the other small pumpkin.
  • Again, use toothpicks to install these features.

You can make several owls, and line them on the stairs together with a few lit candles to bring in a real Halloween feel.

Paint Character Pumpkins

You can do different faces by just using paint. From scary skeletons to creepy crawlers like spiders, you’ll have the kids jumping when they see your creative ideas. Don’t skimp on color! Use, red, black, yellow, and white to bring out every spooky Halloween character.

Give it the Glam

For those who like lace and glamour, even your pumpkin can make do with some beauty. These are elegant and simple to make using old fishnets. You’ll just need to place the gourd in the fishnet and bring it together at the stem. Then, hold down the lace using a ribbon at the bottom. Spread them around the fireplace along with black lanterns or candlesticks. Better still — paint the pumpkins before lacing them up to create a cute, funky pattern.

Create Unique Scarecrows

These figures are not as scary as the name suggests. In fact, most are funny characters for outdoor Halloween celebrations. They bring out the humor aspect of fun-filled yearly parties. Fortunately, making one from what you have lying around is more of a thrill.

Corn Stalk Scarecrow

Bring out your creative side by bundling up parts of the scarecrow using corn stalks. Remember to create a distinction between the hands and feet to avoid it looking like a huge stack with a head. The head should bring out the character you create. It can be turned into a scary witch or skeleton with paint or markers. Spice it up with a hat and a costume to diversify the silhouette.

Giant Scarecrow

Using branches or wood, join the separate parts and make a large scarecrow to stand or sit in your display. Include a huge pumpkin for the head and add up some fruits to the hand simulations. And, don’t forget to integrate baskets for the feet.

Straw Scarecrow

Straw is easy to manipulate so you can make your scarecrow fast without much hassle. Dress it up in a fun costume (or some old overalls) and place pumpkins of all shapes around it. Lean it on a tree or sit it atop a hay bale or bench to make a fun autumn masterpiece.

Corn Stalks For The Entryway

It’s not all about Halloween since Thanksgiving is not far behind. Collect corn stalks and gather them on each side of the door, along with hanging fruits and flowers, for a festive look. Visitors will be in awe of your awesome (and simple!) entrance idea. A rusty wreath, using corn husks and dry peelings, can add to the earthy feel.

Fall Decorating With Sweet Flowers

Before throwing out the seasonal flowers, give them one last show. Place them in a basket, bucket, or old bath tub. Collect daisies, dahlias, marigolds, and pineapple lilies, and add them to your display without expending too much time.

Flowers are beautiful alone, so don’t feel you have to add extra decorative pieces to them.

See what you can find in your garden, garage, attic, or shed to expand beyond these ideas. Get creative and have fun designing a unique, “green” Halloween and fall display for your home. 


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