Men Are Shown A Speculum Picture And Asked To Identify Its Use, And Their Responses Are Hilarious


There are many awesome things about being a woman, but the annual OB/gyn exam is not one of them. Making small talk with your doctor as he or she burrows deep into your lady parts is awkward, to say the least.

And when that cold metal speculum gets jammed into your vajayjay & cranked open like a French window, the fun really begins.


But not everyone is familiar with the good old speculum; in fact, roughly half of the human population couldn’t even identify one as such if they saw it.

And that’s not a theoretical statement- it’s science. Well, it’s practically science, anyway, if we base this hypothesis on the responses of numerous men who were shown a picture of a speculum and had no.frigging.idea. what they were looking at.

Sure, there are a few that could identify it as such, but they’re a rare breed, apparently- or an OBGYN.

The Facebook page Bad Parenting Moments posted a picture of a speculum, daring readers to ask their partner what the item in question was, & to share a screenshot of the responses. And as you can imagine, the responses didn’t disappoint.



Photo Credit: Bad Parenting Moments (Facebook- original unknown)

Now before we even get to the post’s actual responses, I’ll share my own husband’s guess. When I showed him the picture, he paused & said: “Looks like… a clamp? To hold pieces of wood, maybe?”

Keep in mind that we have SIX KIDS together, so if my guy can’t nail this one, I’m suspecting that the post’s responses will be true comedy gold!

It’s official: Golden Stork is way more fun than speculum, & I’m all for renaming it. As in, “Could you please warm up the Golden Stork before cranking it up my hoo hah? K, thanks.”

Whoo boy… just how big are the toenails we’re hypothetically discussing here?? And that must be one MASSIVE clove of garlic…

Ironically enough, accurate AF!

Ok, while it’s obviously not accurate, it’s absolutely adorable, & I kind of wish I had a speculum to do this with. And some baby pelicans.

Hmm… sounds… fishy…?

Well, it could be used for that, technically… if that’s your sort of thing. You do you, girl. 

I mean, he’s not entirely wrong, you know? Guys love to refer to their junk as sausage, and they love to shove their- oh, wait. Speculums. We’re talking about speculums. Thank you, Heidi; we’re glad you posted his answer!

The apple peeler suggestion was puzzling enough, but this dude had to take to it a WHOLE ‘nother level. Ouch!

More than you know, Joshua. More than you know.

There were several men in the post who were able to accurately identify the speculum as exactly that, but their general discomfort & queasiness made it clear that they wish they didn’t know! But with over 3.2K shares & 8.9K comments, it’s clear that what happens at your gyno appointment stays at your gyno appointment… the majority of men hope, anyway.

This is always fun. (Credit: Unknown)

Posted by Bad Parenting Moments on Saturday, March 23, 2019


  1. So, I have a “friend” and this is his response. He has been trying to get me to be his GF but I have been resistant. I couldn’t stop laughing at the end. Didn’t ask why I would ask what this tool was just asking if he is my partner. ?????

    “For you women p***when you get checked. So im your partner?”


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