Hilarious V-Day Doughnut Pillow Looks “A Hole” Lot Different Than We Were Expecting


Now that Christmas is out of the way, the stores are already stocking up on Valentine’s Day gifts- they sure don’t waste their time, do they??


Picking out the perfect gift for your love can be daunting. A bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate can be a little too cliché; maybe you’re looking for a gift that really symbolizes the more… meaningful aspects of your relationship.

If so, then look no further, because there’s a very special new Valentine’s gift on the market, with a very SPECIFIC message.

A few CVS & Target stores are selling a stuffed toy that has become the “butt” (pun intended) of many jokes this Valentine’s Day 

Nothing says V-day love like, “Let’s do butt stuff!”

The stuffed toy in question is a circular object resembling a doughnut, complete with sprinkles and a cheerful smile. Toward the bottom of the toy is the slogan,

I luv U A Hole Lot!

Aw… that’s cute, right? A cute little word-play on the whole doughnut hole/whole thing.

But it’s the hole itself that is causing this toy to earn the ole’ “stink eye” (oh yes, pun intended there), because it’s less of a doughnut hole and more of an ASSHOLE.


Photo Credit: u/PearlyPaloAlto (Reddit)

I mean, come on- it even says, “A HOLE”. We’re onto you, you fluffy pink perv.

You might be trying to play this thing off as a doughnut, retailers, but it’s an anus & we all.know.it, you dirty birds.

*insert tasteless joke about a doughnut’s “cream filling” here*

While we don’t know who actually thought this was an appropriate design for the average department store Valentine’s display, social media couldn’t wait to take a crack at sharing their thoughts on this “toy”.

Reddit users were more than happy to reveal their take on the HOLE thing:

Our sentiments exactly, SmokeyGreenEyes.

Exactly! I mean…. grammar. We’re talking about GRAMMAR. Of course.

Your eyes will probably need bleaching after THIS Twitter comment:

(Oh, Seamus. I’ll never look at a doughnut hole the same way again. Thanks, pal.)

Apparently so. And based on the “doughnut’s” blissful expression, it got his/hers, too.

Although many people were perplexed by this unusual Valentine’s Day donut anus, others had just one question: “where can I get one??”.

Asking for a friend, of course.

Agreed- in this competition, KD would certainly win the glory (hole).

  #Doassnuthole for the win.


And just in case this little pink piece of paradise isn’t “big enough” of a gift, there are other… options:


This stuffed gift can also be paired with related reading material, which also happens to be on sale at Target:

The plushie is just like the infamous “dress”, or the “Laurel-Yanni” Internet debate; is it a cute little doughnut hole, or a chocolate one-eyed winker? Either way:

Whether you ASS-ume this stuffed toy is really meant to depict an anus or not, it looks like many people will be gifting this plushie to their lovers, perhaps in the hopes of making this V-day a B-day.


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