Give Your Children the Online Tools They Need to Succeed



Every child is different. Each thinks differently, learns differently, and applies knowledge differently. Educators understand this but, because of budget cuts and the varied abilities of teachers, they need to teach as if every child is the same. For good or bad, the new Common Core Standards have placed the learning ability of children and the teaching skill of parents under a microscope. The good news is we do not have to teach our kids alone. Numerous online resources can help children become academically successful, no matter how gifted they are. Learn how to create an online course and more with these gems.

Improving The World With Education

The mission of is to empower people to make their lives better through education. Coursera is a network of online courses offered through established universities all over the world. The classes are graded but they generally are not accepted for college credit. This system is perfect for the college-bound child who wants to ensure success in difficult classes.

Success On Wheels

Driver’s education is one of those classes parents do not want to teach but hate having someone else instruct their kids. Parents want their kids to be a safe and knowledgeable drivers. Burgeoning adults use this skill as a rite of passage. Being able to drive affords freedom and opportunity for work, fun, or study. To be certain that your fledgling has all of the right tools to pass the driver’s test and stay safe after the permit is issued, use driving permit practice tests as study guides and dinner topics of discussion so you have a say in the way your child drives a car.

The Words Behind The Game

People can make a living from video games. As a matter of fact, the living is a good one, considering that the Bureau of Labor Statistics places the median pay for a software developer at more than $90,000. Most things we use have some form of code running in the background. Every website, computer program, app, or control panel is the brainchild of a programmer. The website Code Academy teaches children and adults how to program in the most common Web design languages like PHP, Java, and HTML. They also teach database programming with jQuery and Ruby. Even for a person who does not want a career in software development, the skills and knowledge acquired from Code Academy can teach how to organize thoughts and create a cogent final product.

Turn Weakness Into Strength

There are 2.4 million students with a learning disability, dyslexia being the most common. Without intervention, 20 percent will drop out of high school. Beating Dyslexia and the National Center for Learning Disabilities are two powerful resources to help children see that their challenges are a problem of the school and not a personal failure. The abilities of a neurologically unique student can be a gift if channeled properly and nurtured in a loving environment.


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