Go To Bed!


Bedtime at my house, usually turns into a nightmare. It amazes me that kids have such a struggle with bed time each night. I mean, we do go to bed every night. How it is possibly that they are surprised that bed time is here once again. It truly does amaze me that they are shocked when I ask them to go to bed.  Check out my new video Go To Bed, because you might relate.  Thank you for watching, sharing, and commenting on the videos.


  1. I am a mother to 2 boys. My three year old refuses to go to sleep at night. The struggle is real!! I usually hit my limit around an hour. It starts out with hugs and bed time stories and ends with me sitting in the middle of the floor BEGGING him to lay back down for the hundredth time. I feel like there is this written rule that bedtime is supposed to be hell. I am glad that we are not all alone in this.

  2. So great and true! My husband just had a pajama battle with our daughter last night because she didn’t want to wear the ones she picked out earlier in evening.


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