FB Ad Hilariously Promotes Kid Face Pillows As The “Perfect” Mother’s Day Gift (No One Wants)


So we’re already two-thirds of the way through the month of April- not that anyone’s counting because every day lately seems like a twisted re-enactment of the movie Groundhog Day lately (without Bill Murray’s comedic interludes), am I right? 

But May is right around the corner, & that means Mother’s Day is soon approaching.

Moms this year definitely deserve the whole enchilada in terms of being celebrated, because if motherhood is normally challenging, then motherhood during quarantine has unlocked a whole new level of parental insanity.


Unfortunately, a mimosa-drenched Mother’s Day brunch at your favorite restaurant isn’t looking likely. (Neither are the homemade macaroni necklaces, because only our kids’ saintly school teachers have the patience to walk them through projects like that.)

But have no fear, moms- there’s a perfect Mother’s Day gift being promoted via Facebook ads right now, and it’s definitely the gift that keeps on giving. 

Pillows featuring your child’s face on them are being promoted in Facebook ads as the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year, & the timing couldn’t be (hysterically) worse.

The LifeLike Pillows company has created a unique ad campaign for their photo pillows. And by “unique”, I mean “WTF were they thinking??”

(Note: I’m not sure what directions the “mom” model was given for the ad, but her expression pretty much sums up EXACTLY what most moms would feel if gifted this.)

As the ad suggests:

Mom does it all, so why not give her something she’ll really love (and remember) for Mother’s Day?

Yes, we moms do it all, and NO, we won’t “really love” this pillow for Mother’s Day. But we WILL remember anyone that screws us by giving us this crappy gift. And he might not live to tell the tale- you know who you are, husband.

Granted, Mother’s Day gifts are often sentimental reminders of our children. Nothing says Mother’s Day like a kid handprint memento to symbolize the handprints moms wipe off every single surface, every single day.

LifeLike Pillows is clearly trying to nail the sentiment factor… but considering everyone’s current cabin-fever circumstances, it’s less sentimental & more hilariously awful.

The ads have popped up on Facebook recently, sporting the company’s promotional slogan:

Give mom a way to feel closer to family.


Many mothers across the country have been home with their children all day, every day for over a month now. We’re talking 24/7, no outings, and I’m not even going to get into the fresh hell that is homeschooling. 

So while we love our kids -and oh, how we truly, deeply love them- the last thing any of us need right now is a pillow with their massive faces splashed across it in order to be “closer” to them, m’kay??

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have no need to snuggle up in bed with a pillow featuring my 7-year-old son’s face on it… when I’ve got the living, breathing version of that face hopping into my bed at 2am each night, stealing my covers. 

LifeLike’s website even has this image displayed prominently on their home page (for shits & giggles, one hopes!):

Photo Credit: lifelikepillows.com

No, LifeLike- just NO.

The “best gift” for Mom right now would be some dark chocolate, her favorite wine, or maybe the chance to pee in peace for three frigging minutes without someone whining through the door for a snack.

Oh, hell- the BEST Mother’s Day gift would be for life to go back to normal & for schools to re-open, but in lieu of that we’ll take the dark chocolate & wine… but no kid-faced pillow.

Please, for the love of all things, no pillow.

Moms everywhere weighed in on LifeLike’s Facebook ad, and their responses are funny because they are 100% true.


While we adore their little faces, we don’t need a cushioned version of the real thing after hours, thanks.

Hah! Oh, the irony…

She’s not wrong…

(Personally, I’m impressed that this mom even knows how many days it’s been since the quarantine began!)

Seriously- the resigned, unimpressed look on the mom’s face makes this comedic gold.

Agreed. My 8-year-old tried to grab my hand yesterday & somehow managed to jam two of her fingers into my nostrils. My NOSTRILS, people. Both my breathing & my dignity were assaulted.

While LifeLike Pillows probably created their Mother’s Day campaign prior to the quarantine, the timing of their current ads is hilariously awful.

We’re all kicking ass as we navigate mothering in the time of quarantine, & every mom deserves props for their efforts. 

What we don’t deserve, however, is to lay our weary, overwhelmed heads down at night on our kid’s faces after dealing with our kid’s faces all.damn.day. No one needs that kind of mind fuckery, LifeLike.

Family, if you love the mom in your life, let her nap on Mother’s Day (Hell, let her nap EVERY DAY). Give her down time. Ply her with her favorite snacks. Let her pee in peace. No mother right now needs to feel any “closer to family” than we already are!


  1. Saw this same ad and immediately had to tell my siblings. It was just too funny. There are 6 of us ranging from 18-30. The youngest will be moving out soon. We are all getting my mom a separate pillow with our faces on them as a funny Mother’s Day gift.


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