17 Funny Tweets About What Mother’s Day Is Really Like For Moms


Mother’s Day is nearly upon us, and the day is a great opportunity for us to honor the amazing moms in our life. For a lot of us, that means trying to celebrate our own moms and mothers-in-law, too… on a day that’s also supposed to be for ourselves.


The day itself can often involve a lot of scheduling, juggling, and stress, which is sort of the opposite of what many of us would like it to be.

Don’t get me wrong- we genuinely appreciate the gifts & efforts of our families. We’re grateful to be moms. We love our families. But most veteran moms just want a slower, quiet(er) day, without having to do everything we do every other day of the year. While it sounds reasonable, that’s not always how it goes- so we roll with it, stay grateful for what our families try to do for us, & keep a sense of humor about it!

The moms of Twitter have thoughts about what Mother’s Day is typically like; laugh along with them as they share their take on their special day.

  1. Most of us have an “ideal” version of how we’d like Mother’s Day to go.

2. And your spouse will learn he needs to help to make it special. Oh, he’ll LEARN.

3. (Not that we make it easy for him…)

4.  Gifts are fun, but it’s the thought that counts… unless the thought involves manual labor. Then, no. Just NO.

5. We try to set realistic expectations for the day.

6. (Sometimes, even MORE realistic?)

7. But kids love to celebrate their mamas on Mother’s Day- nice and early.

8. The gifts are genuinely made with love- and macaroni. Or popsicle sticks.

9. And let’s not forget the tiny handprint gifts- the gift that keeps on giving. All over the house.

10. Some husbands prepare their wives a special breakfast in bed- or try to, anyway.

10. And we try to “relax” while they’re doing it…

11. But the noise level can be distracting. (Or enjoyable, because it’s HIS turn today!)

12. The kids often love to get in on the Mother’s Day breakfast, too- and they certainly do get into it. Every bite of it.

13. Most moms just try to take the day off from the normal routine. Instead of doing all.the.things, mom do almost.all.the.things.

14. Sometimes we can organize things behind the scenes to ensure that the day involves things we really want.

15. And sometimes we get lucky & our spouses gives us the perfect gift!

16. Though we adore our families, most of us just want a little “me” time to enjoy the day. (Or a lot of “me” time.)

17. But regardless of how you celebrate Mother’s Day it’s back to business the next day…

A very happy Mother’s Day to every amazing mama out there; you deserve to be celebrated for everything you do!


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