16 Funny Tweets About Pregnancy That Will Make You Question Your Life Choices


Pregnancy truly is a miraculous process, but an odd one, too. The changes that a woman’s body undergoes while physically growing a human being are often like something straight out of a science fiction movie.


Between the morning sickness, crushing exhaustion, fluctuating hormones, and your bladder being squashed like a grape, pregnancy can occasionally seem less like a miracle & more like, “Are we done yet??”.

The parents of Twitter are here to share the grittier realities of being pregnant; laugh along with them as they dish on the real pregnancy deal.

Here are 16 Funny Tweets About Pregnancy That Will Make You Question Your Life Choices

  1.  Pregnancy truly is magical! By “magical” we mean suddenly having the magical ability to puke every.single.day. It’s awesome!

2. And the hormones? They can be…confusing. And dangerous- to others.

3. If it’s your first pregnancy, however, there are plenty of helpful books out there. Too bad they don’t include the really important stuff.

4. But if you’ve been pregnant before, your body snaps RIGHT back into it.

5. No matter what number pregnancy it is, it’s definitely a roller coaster of emotions.

6. And when people find out you’re pregnant, they immediately rush in with the, “Well, during my pregnancy,…” *cue eyeroll*

7. Basic tasks becomes a lot more challenging with that growing belly, too; you know, normal things that we take for granted when not pregnant, like breathing.

8. And the lack of energy is a real challenge… so is the constant peeing.

9. Nine months can seem like forever, but that last month literally is FOREVER.

10. Pregnancy can be rough, but we still manage to do ALL THE THINGS.

11. Even if you find the shoe, at 39 weeks of pregnancy you’ll need help getting it on.

12. Even the end of pregnancy has its own unexpected “surprises”:

13. Overall, pregnancy can sometimes be, well, ‘”eh”. 

14. But seeing your baby’s sweet face makes it all worth it- until they learn to talk, that is.

15. Another pregnancy can possibly be hazardous to your health- or your spouse’s.

16. But babies sometimes have a way of being unexpected miracles, don’t they??

At least you’ll get your body back once the pregnancy ends… bahaha! Just kidding.

Your kids OWN you now. This gig is forever. You may have carried their heart inside of you for nine months, but you’ll carry it -and go to the ends of the earth to protect it- on the outside for the rest of your life, Mama.


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