Reporter Caught Wearing “Shorts” On Live Video Is Everyone Working From Home Right Now


Working from home definitely has its perks. Being able to roll right out of bed and be at the “office” can be pretty darn convenient, especially since you up until the wee hours binge-watching Tiger King (yes, Netflix, I’m still watching. Always).


We’re now a few weeks deep into social distancing, so it’s safe to say that many of us have ditched the “get dressed daily” routine in favor of our favorite sweats, pajamas, or in the case of some Maryland residents, undies.

While we miss many aspects of our “normal” routine, that’s one of the best parts about working from home: you can wear whatever you want! Three-day-old sweats & greasy hair are both fair game when you’re working from home. 

UNLESS, of course, your work happens to involve live-camera action. In that case, you may want to choose carefully when it comes to your style selection. Or at least point the camera north…

Reporter Will Reeve is the latest casualty in the “what not to do on live camera” category after wearing a suit coat and SHORTS during an on-air interview.

Photo Credit: Good Morning America (ABC)

ABC News anchor Will Reeve made an appearance on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday morning with a report on the pharmaceutical industry.

Like most workers these days, many reporters have had to adjust to filming their segments inside their own homes. Although on-camera personnel are typically used to adhering to a certain level of professionalism in normal times, they too are occasionally guilty of slacking on the wardrobe front.

Reeve was sharing a report about pharmacies possibly using drones to deliver medications to certain towns during the pandemic. His story was clearly one of importance.

But while his information certainly may have been worthwhile, no one focused on what he was saying, because everyone was focused on his bare legs peeking out from underneath his suit coat.

Business up top, party down below!

While Reeves rocked a suit coat and crisply ironed shirt, that was ALL he was rocking. Assuming that his lower half would not appear on camera, he went with a “pants optional” approach during his segment.

Can you blame the guy? After all, who wants to wear a full suit in their own living room, am I right??

(I’m just thankful a camera hasn’t captured some of the wardrobe atrocities that my family & I have been committing throughout quarantine. With all of the school video conferencing going on here, it’s amazing I haven’t accidentally flashed a class. Yet, anyway.)

While Reeve shared his pharmaceutical data, viewers had their ears closed & eyes wide open, cackling in delight at every glimpse of his nether region.

The big question on their minds wasn’t whether or not drones would be an effective prescription delivery service, but whether those were boxers or shorts.

(Yes, they were shorts. So he says, anyway…)

But even if they were indeed shorts, they were really, um, well, SHORT.


Would this slip normally be a topic of discussion? Perhaps not. But quarantine life is quirky at best; we’re all trapped home and we’ve got nothing but time to determine just what Will Reeve was -or wasn’t- actually wearing.

Thankfully, the public wasn’t left to wonder in vain.

Reeve himself took to Twitter to assure people that no, those were definitely shorts, and yes, he definitely could use a tutorial on camera angles.

So Will Reeve has assured his viewers that is will be wearing pants henceforth, which automatically makes him better than at least 70% of pant-less Americans right now. 

Fun Fact: Will Reeve is actually the son of late actor Christopher Reeve, the star of Superman. Think of the bounty of “wearing your underwear on the outside” jokes that could ensue!

It turns out that Will’s unintentional fashion faux pas is actually a common industry secret. Many news anchors wear casual bottoms that are typically hidden beneath the reporting desk (I know- who knew???)

According to Mediate’s Joe DePaulo, most news anchors do a better job hiding their casual wear from the public:

Usually, though, an anchor desk or a savvy camera operator keeps that casual attire hidden from view.

This intriguing tidbit brings news-watching to a whole new level!

But despite giving viewers a “short” glimpse of his bare thighs while live on-camera, Will Reeve was able to poke fun at himself over the incident. 

While Reeve assured his fans that he takes his job quite seriously, he blames his “own lousy camera” skills for the slip. 

We’re all adjusting to this strange new phase of life, and working from home can be far more messy and complicated than one would think. Reeve is just the latest example of professionals trying to modify their work style from home, & failing hilariously in the process.

But let’s give the guy some props: it’s not every day that a news reporter’s on-camera wardrobe (or lack thereof) makes HIM more newsworthy than his news story!








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