An *NSYNC Movie Is In The Works And Our 13-Year-Old Selves Can’t Wait


That’s right all you *NSYNC fans. Arguably the greatest boy band ever is coming to the big screen (and by arguably I mean, Backstreet Boys FOREVER!!).


And I know what you’re thinking. “Can this be true? Tell me can this be real?” This I promise you, it is. Variety broke the news on Twitter, saying:

Tristar Pictures lands NSYNC superfan movie from producers Lance Bass, Cindy Cowan.

Sony label, Tristar Pictures, acquired the as yet to be named feature film from former *NSYNC boy band member, Lance Bass. He originally teased the idea to Variety back in February 2019, telling them it would be a road trip comedy. 

The movie is an homage to the superfans. For all the Jessicas and Stephanies and Brittanys who spent their adolescence obsessed with the fab 5 band members Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick .

It’s for cheerleader Amanda, who spent hours listening to “This I Promise You,” as she dreamed about getting together with Joshua, the captain of the football team.

For Ashley who blasted “Bye Bye Bye” over and over again as she rage cried over that two-bit timing Michael who had sworn his undying love but who wouldn’t know love if it slapped him in his pretty little perfectly dimpled face.

And for Heather. Dear Heather. Who sat on her bedroom floor, staring at photos of her lost love, Matthew, sobbing along with “I Want You Back.”

Feeling, with all the conviction in her 13-year-old soul, that she would never, ever find love like that again. 

This movie? Is for you. It’s about the ultimate superfans. And it’s based on a true story.

It follows the real-life story of two best friends from Park City, Utah, who, in 2001, went on The Price Is Right specifically to try to win an RV so they could chase their dream of becoming *NSYNC roadies.

Amazingly, the universe heard their pleas and all their stars aligned. They won a Winnebago, the biggest prize ever offered on the show. The women quit school, and followed the band across the United States, while they were on their fourth and final National tour, Popodyssey.

The women became a well-documented part of the band’s final hurrah, and their journey was covered on a Carson Daly-hosted special about the tour. The special features the 27th straight show the women had seen, and highlights their meeting with JC, Chris, and Lance in the “Bob Barker Mobile”. 

Bass has been pitching it on and off for years, but it wasn’t until the chairman of Sony heard about the project, that it got the green light.

Bass tells EW in an interview about the crazy connection that prompted the executive to seek out the chance to turn the idea into a reality. 

The crazy thing was the reasoning behind it was the chairman of Sony is the one who called, and he’s like, “You have no idea. One of the girls has been [my] nanny for the last 10 years.”

This isn’t Lance Bass’s first foray into the world of producing. He also produced “The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story,” with Pilgrim Studios.

His partner, Cindy Cowan, is also a seasoned producer. She produced Robert De Niro’s Red Lights in 2012 and the 2017 documentary Miracle on 42nd Street. She is currently working with Screen Gems on a feature adaptation of Edwin F. Becker’s book “True Haunting.”

And now for the bad news. I’m sorry. The original *NSYNC members won’t actually star in the movie.

It’s tearin’ up your heart. I know. I can hear the collective breaking of your 13-year-old hearts now. Because they’re all you’ve ever wanted, all you’ve ever needed, and you want them back. I get it.

But here’s a bit of good news. Bass and Cowan are currently looking for someone to write the screenplay. So you never know, maybe it could be you.

And while a movie that doesn’t actually star the arguably best boy band members ever (BSB 4-ever!!) may not be exactly what you were hoping for, I do have a bit of news that may help heal your disappointed 13-year-old heart.

It’s possible that our favorite boybands of our youth MAY team-up. That’s right. I’m talking about *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. TO-GETH-EEEER. Just take all our money, already.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Backstreet Boys – A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell – whether or not *NSYNC should tour without Justin Timberlake, who has shown no interest in reuniting with his former band. Nick Carter’s response? 

“Maybe in the future, after we’re done with our world tour, maybe we could do a tour with Backstreet and the four of them, maybe like a package tour.”

Cue squealing like a teenage girl.

Regardless of what the future holds, let me just leave this here for you…a little piece of nostalgia to fill that void you never knew you had, until now. You’re welcome.



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