Doctor Cracks Open A Calcified Breast Implant On TikTok And We Can’t Look Away


Here at FFP, we love a good TikTok; who doesn’t?

But we especially love the super WTF videos that get us talking like that vabbing trend that needs to frigging stop or the trash bag controversy that pissed off the entire internet—we love it all!


And surely, we thought we had seen it all until we found a doc on TikTok cracking open a calcified breast implant. 

Yeah, I know…I KNOW. But let me explain. 

The viral video from TikTok doctor @docmoliver has been viewed 25.8 million times (I think like 700 of those views were from me.)

The caption reads, “25-year-old implantBreast Implant Illness (BII) and severe capsular contracture.” 

The 39-second clip shows Dr. Moliver holding what appears to be a rock.

Honestly, at first, I thought it was a paper mache project or a geode. Or maybe like a fossilized egg? I DID NOT see it coming that this doc was literally cracking open a boob. 

Just before he pushed down on the object, he says, “listen carefully, come closer,” as we hear the most sickening cracking sound on the internet. 

Screenshot from TikTok showing a calcified breast implant.

“That’s not sheetrock! That’s calcium that accumulates in there,” he says.

“That’s about the most I’ve ever seen. Look at that.”

As Dr. Moliver speaks, we see a saline breast implant emerge like an alien birth, and holy hell, I feel sick watching this. Who else thought that was going to pop? 

Screenshot of saline breast implant inside calcium.

“These are saline implants but that’s from chronic inflammation. That’s what happens inside these implants,” he explains.

“That’s the kind of stuff that happens when they’re in there.”

He picks up the other implant and squeezes it to show that it is malleable and then explains that they are soft when wet.

I can only imagine that this means that hard one was dried out after being surgically removed from the patient. 

I have never held strong opinions on implants and other body augmentation procedures that people go through (seriously, you do you!)

But after watching this…I could never. NOPE. Never get implants. I’d rather stuff a sock in my bra, thankyouverymuch. 

This being the internet, you just know that the comments are almost better than the video content. 

DMflighter wrote, “Forbidden Kinder Egg,” and I died a bit LOLing.

Screenshot of a TikTok comment

Nowhereman added what some of us were thinking, “Geeses, I thought it was baked potatoes.” Honestly, there are some awful cooking videos on TikTok, I can totally see the confusion. 

Screenshot of a TikTok comment

Vlad(Val) added, “It hatched,” and now I don’t think the world will ever be the same again.

Screenshot of a TikTok comment

And Norco84 jokes, “Why was I waiting for a dinosaur to come out of that,” because that is exactly what it looked like, sir!

Screenshot of TikTok comment

Possibly the funniest hot take was from ASMR Playroom, who wrote, “top tier ASMR.”

 Screenshot of a TikTok comment

And Chelle apparently is on the same wave length as me, “aaaaaaaaand I’ve changed my mind.”

Screenshot of a TikTok comment

But there were some thoughtful comments that got be thinking about some of the strongest women I know; those who have battled—and beat breast cancer.

When you’re a survivor, you don’t take your health for granted. 

Coacosarah wrote, “I had double Mastectomies and reconstruction, with saline implants, 22 years ago. They still good and feel great! Dr said don’t fix what’s not broken.” And Dr. Moliver responded with, “Exactly!”

Screenshot of a TikTok comment

And of course, cancer survivor or not, there are plenty of unpleasant comments from people judging the hell out of anyone who gets breast implants. 

Emilyclageett386 wrote, “to the ppl saying “even if I had to remove them due to cancer I”d still never get implants” how lucky for you that you haven’t had to make that choice.” Dr. Moliver chimed in his support, writing, “Well said!”

Screenshot of a TikTok comment

Listen, this video is many things.

It’s gross and cringe and freaking awesome. It’s science. It’s entertainment.

It’s something to make plenty of jokes about (did you HEAR that cracking sound!?) But it’s not a reason to ever judge another person for choosing implants.

It’s one thing to say that you would never voluntarily get implants for vanity reasons and entirely another thing to say you wouldn’t want to replace a literal missing part of your body after fighting for your life.

Let’s not get that twisted.

Either way, I still can’t stop watching this amazing video. Thank goodness for doctors who deal with these every day and can positively change the lives of people.

And thank goodness for TikTok at 2 a.m. 



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