How to Teach Your Kids to Safely Play Pokémon GO



The Pokémon Go craze has more daily active users than Twitter and Facebook. And knowing what this interactive app is as a parent is vital. It may even prove useful for teaching essential safety lessons to your kids in a fun new way.

Pokémon Go lets smartphone users explore their community in search of Pokémon characters. However, not all these iconic characters are in kid friendly places. There have been reports of Pokémon hunts leading to strip clubs and child predators.

This interactive app is amazing, despite its possible safety pitfalls. But that’s where you come to the rescue. After all, it is getting kids off the sofa and outside again. It has even become a family friendly experience. Connecting kids and parents in a meaningful way.

Pokémon Go is a Useful Parenting Tool When Discussing “Stranger Danger”

Whether Pokémon Go is a factor or not, kids are vulnerable danger. Reports of child predators using the app to lure kids in is a real concern. However, it does present a unique opportunity to bring up “stranger danger” safety. Without receiving rolling eyes.

Pokémon Go and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have teamed up with child safety in mind. Spokesman for the organization, Callahan Walsh, told Good Morning America the app could be used as a parenting tool. It is a wonderful way to touch on safety.

Pokémon Adventures May Launch Your Kid’s Brain into Space

Pokémon Go combines a virtual gaming world with reality. Not so dangerous situations could prove otherwise while kids are hunting for Pokémon. The combination of gaming and reality is the reason behind your empty living room.

However, this interactive game play could put your kids in danger. Their brains may be launched from Earth and into a Pokémon world. This could lead to crossing the street without looking, or running into parked cars. Even adults have suffered injuries from playing Pokémon Go, according to news reports.

Reminding your kids to keep their brains connected to Earth is important. Emphasize the importance of taking Pokémon adventure breaks. A wonderful strategy is to schedule Pokémon Go updates with your kids as they play. These moments may help them spot possible dangers ahead, or check their cell phone battery.

Place Limits on How Far Your Kids Can Wander

Pokémon Go can be a parenting asset and ally. You can use it to teach safety and limitations. A fantastic way to keep your kids within a safe distance during their adventure is to map out their Pokémon hunting grounds. This will let you know exactly where they are while playing. And you know where to check up on them throughout the day.

Putting together a map together may also prove to be a fun way to get involved in your child’s interests. It is important to limit how far they can wander, keeping within a safe distance of home.

Schedule a Family Pokémon Go Adventure

Spending a sunny afternoon hunting for Pokémon characters could be a fun family experience. It is also a golden opportunity for you to pick up on possible dangers involved in playing the game. This will help you create an effective safety plan for your kids to follow.

Data from Slice Intelligence suggests you might even enjoy Pokémon Go as an adult. They found that 52 percent of users are between 18 and 34 years of age. You can build family memories and possibly find a new hobby for yourself at the same time.

Pokémon Go is a fun interactive game your kids are surely playing, or interested in trying. Using the newest app craze as a parenting tool for safety lessons is essential. Adding it into your family afternoons at the park is also a superb strategy for building a stronger family with shared interests.


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