This Is My Face Video Gets Women Sharing Filter Free Faces And It’s Beautiful


If you’ve been on social media for any period of time, you know that there’s a certain expectation to present a “filtered” version of your life to the world. Most of us have wrestled at some point with wanting to present our “best face” to the world- literally.


And filters make it really easy for us to do that, too.

We have an array of filters and photo-enhancing options at our fingertips to remove every blemish, blend away every wrinkle, and lighten every dark eye circle. In fact, hiding our flaws has become so common that when you don’t do it, you provoke the concern of others via well-meaning comments like:

“Are you ok??  “You look tired.” “You need more sleep.” “You should take vitamins.”

People have become so accustomed to seeing filtered images that our real, live, actual faces are now a rarity on social media. 

It’s easy to forget that women are not glossy and airbrushed in our everyday lives, nor should we feel that we’re supposed to be.

Meredith Masony nails just how unrealistic & unnecessary this is in her recent Facebook video post, aptly titled, “This Is Just My Face”. Presenting her real, unfiltered face in videos has recently resulted in several comments of concern about “how tired” she looks.

Her response is EVERYTHING, because it’s a lesson we all need to learn.

This is just my face

I get it. I look tired. I look stressed, but guess what?!?!? THIS IS JUST MY FACE! I bet I'm not alone in this one. Let me be the first to tell you ladies, you all have great faces! I don't care if you are tired or stressed, I love your face, you should too!

Posted by That's Inappropriate on Friday, February 15, 2019

Her face is simply that- HER face. It shares her story with the world, and represents the life she is living- the good, the bad, and the exhausting:

I have been married for 16 years I have three children and I wear my stress, my anxiety, my fears, my joys, and my laughter on my face- that’s what I do.

It’s all there, baby! She’s an open book- she won’t have you judging this book by a quick glance at its cover. 

These lines are here because I’ve laughed, and I cried, and probably didn’t wear enough sunscreen as a child.

(I’m totally with her on the sunscreen-lines thing! Same, girl, SAME.)

To all of you out there that have a face that’s similar to mine, & you can see the age on your face, and you can see the stress on your face, & you can see the wrinkles and the laughter and the joy and the love from having family and life and living that life- enjoy that face that you have.

I love this so much, because many, many of us have faces that ARE similar to Meredith’s.

Our faces show our exhaustion of caring for restless children in the middle of the night (for some, every night). They show the frown lines of worry- worry for other human beings that we love so much that we absorb every fear, every challenge that they face in life as our own.

Our faces illustrate the struggle to pay the bills, and the work that it takes to get it done.

The eyes that have read countless children’s books to small children. The lips that have kissed family members we adore- the same lips that have said words of anger we’ve regretted. 

It’s real life. And living life is often hard, gritty work. Our faces reflect that.

Our faces display the deeply carved laugh lines that represent the joys of the good times, and the often the puffiness of eyes that represent nights of crying into our pillows over the roller coaster of life as a wife and mom.

As wives and moms, we love HARD. And our faces have absorbed the beautiful challenge of loving our families with every fiber of our beings.

Our faces tell our life story, and it’s a unique read to be shared.

And instead of being afraid to show our face, or to hide our story, Meredith reminds us to embrace our life experience through our ‘real” face:

You wear your life on your face, and I’m gonna keep wearing life on my face, and I urge you to do the same.

The video earned 1.3K comments, and a slew of them were from women that felt inspired to also say to the world: “This is my face”.

A brief description of their lives gives us a hint of who they are, and it’s a precious bit of insight into the women that are alongside us in this journey called motherhood.


These are just a few of the many faces that women readily shared. They all have their own life story, yet they are celebrating their real beauty.

And the best part? The fervent love & support of fellow women who liked their posts and complimented these women on their strength & their beauty. 

Life can be challenging enough without feeling the pressure of having to put a “good face” on how we really look and really feel.

I used to hesitate about putting myself on video for social media- I didn’t want people to see my wrinkles, or my dark circles. My inner thought was: “I wish I looked like I used to when I was younger.”

But Meredith’s message really hones in on this- I’m NOT the same person I was when I was younger.

My life and my heart have expanded to include a husband, children, and a home. Those elements bring tremendous joy to my life, and lots of stress and work, too. My face reflects my life at this point along the journey, and it should. 

The same lesson applies to all of us, regardless of our stage of life. We need to be as kind to ourselves as we to others in how we see ourselves, & learn to be more comfortable in our own skin. If you enjoy wearing makeup, own it! But we need to learn to be less afraid not to wear it, in fear of the comments of others.

Our own, authentic face should be “good enough”- especially for ourselves. And based on the overwhelmingly positive response to Meredith’s video, many women agree.



  1. Well hello ,So I guess where do I start,
    I have a face and this is just my face as well I have seven children 15 Going on 30 14 going on 40 another 14 going on 40 almost a 10 year old home lives with his dad in California so I have that s*** to do with a 4 year old 2 year old and 4 month old. Yes what did I do to myself!!
    I love them all dearly. I was a California Kid never wear sunscreen my parents were hippies they didn’t care I’ve never had any work done no fillers no nothing I am now 35 years old and it’s just turning out the way it’s turning out. so I can completely understand the situations of all of your videos!! my life has completely done every single aspect of those videos and I just wanted to say thank you from Mom to Mom for posting this and letting everybody know that they’re not alone because we are definitely not!!
    to all the moms going through this good luck and hopefully we could save a little bit to travel with when they’re all grown!! up!


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