Steamy Netflix Show “Sex/Life” Begs The Question – Are Middle-Aged Married Women Sex Starved?


At the end of June, Netflix dropped one of its steamiest original shows, Sex Life. And to be honest – the reviews are mixed.

Suburban mom Billie Connelly is a few months post partum with her second child and appears to be living an ideal married life with husband Cooper Connelly.


Except at night she’s writing in her journal, fantasizing in great detail about her steamy love life from eight years ago with bad boy ex, Brad Simon. But, we don’t know whether or not it’s really the sex with her ex she misses, or sex in general as it’s the only part of her marriage struggling.

Or maybe she just misses who she used to be before marriage and motherhood?

To complicate Billie’s life even more her husband finds and reads her steamiest inner thoughts.

If you can handle the hot crazy sex of Netflix’s new Sex Life, Billie Connelly’s journal reveals quite a bit about the inner struggle of probably way too many midlife married women drowning in years of marriage and motherhood.


It explores things that still today taboo to talk about even in a world where women are becoming more outspoken than ever before.

When we talk about women and sex today, it’s so much about women not wanting sex. But what about if and how she wants it is just still taboo to acknowledge?

We were maybe all not sexually crazed creatures like young Billie Connelly, but surely there was a time we did want it in a more passion infused way than what sex becomes after marriage after kids.

Society would lead us to believe that sex in marriage after kids is not the most enlightening, mind blowing experience. 

In the show, Billie learns she traded that mind blowing 15% of her life for the other 85% that includes stability and partnership she got when she married her husband and decided to raise two kids.

Billie’s journal reflects not only some wild sexual fantasies of who she use to be but the struggle of women questioning the whole concept of having it all in this life of marriage and motherhood.

In Sex/Life, Billie says we have it all at different points in our lives. In reality – we are many different women in our one lifetime. But we never have it all at once.

Billie brings up questions about marriage, motherhood, and sex that women quietly ponder alone.

It leaves the question though if the generations of women before us battled this impossible question or is it just us because not only does happily ever after show up on TV these days but now it’s in our newsfeeds of real life everyday people?

But really are they all just a bunch of bubbly, deliriously happy Carolines (a fellow suburban mother at her son’s school), who are so busy being perfectly fake they don’t even know real anymore?

With women buzzing about and binging not only shows like Sex Life but Bridgerton and Outlander it leaves you to wonder if there’s a bunch of sex starved middle age women out there that really want that 15% back in their lives?  

But, in reality, most middle aged women are unsure how to go about bringing sexy back into their lives.

We all get married hoping for that fairy tale ending of two old people so comfortable and secure with another after decades of marriage.

Knowing how the sex life of couples evolves in a marriage and after kids is kind of one of those hushed dark secrets of the world we are not allowed to talk about.

It begs the question – what is sex supposed to be like decades into a marriage?


With comfortability of a relationship comes the burst of that bubble that houses that lustful rush we all remember at the beginning of a new love.

The rush is gone but security and comfortability are there. But, why aren’t we talking about it more? 

Though we all very well may not agree with Billie’s choices in the end, if you’ve seen this wild raunchy show, you’ll be looking for other women to discuss the craziness that just went down literally and figuratively. And rumor has it that there will definitely be a season two. 








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