Mom Loses It At The Happiest Place On Earth When She Rants That “Childless Millennials” Be Banned From Disney World


For many families, the ultimate vacation destination is none other than Disney World. Kids and adults alike are obsessed with all things Disney, and many families make a trip to its theme park a yearly event.


Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to take my own kids there, I still vividly remember my family’s trip when I was a child.

Other than the trauma of my father dragging me onto the Haunted Mansion ride with the insistence that I would love it (I did not. And have never visited a haunted house since- thanks, Dad), Disney World seemed to be an absolutely magical experience.

It’s for good reason that the theme park is known for being “the happiest place on Earth”. Well, for most people… unless you’re a raging mom who hates people childless people that just want to enjoy a fresh, hot pretzel. Apparently.

A mom’s expletive-filled rant has gone viral on social media after she demanded that “childless millennials” be banned from Disney World.

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An original Facebook rant was recently shared via screenshot on Twitter by an independent user, with the mom’s name removed to conceal her identity. 

Although her rant contains profanity, I am personally far more offended by her excessive overuse of both exclamation points and rage emojis. 

But she means business, people!!!!!!!!!


Mad Mama’s claim is that since Disney World is a “family” amusement park, only families should be permitted to attend. And to her, family obviously means only those that have reproduced.

It’s controversial, but it’s her opinion. It’s in her very next sentence, however, that the crazy thought train rumbles out of the station & starts flying down the tracks:

These immature millennials throw away their money on useless crap!!!!!!!

One of the pleasures of being a childless couple is having extra money to “throw away” on WHATEVER YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE, because kids are expensive & there’s no such thing as extra money ever again once you’re a parent. 

Why does she even care what other people are spending their money on? If a grown woman wants to spend her hard-earned cash on a Mickey Mouse-eared hat with her name embroidered on the back (because her cheap-ass parents wouldn’t buy one for her when she was 8 even though she begged for one- thanks again, DAD!) she has every right to do so.

They have no idea the joy and happiness it is to mothers who buy their babies treats and toys!!!!

Oh, absolutely. The joy and happiness that this mother feels is just oozing out of this sentiment. Can you feel the love tonight??

The mom then criticizes childless Disney-goers who will:

never experience the exhaustion that is to chase a three-year-old around

Exactly! And I bet NOT chasing an overstimulated three-year-old around a crowded Disney theme park on a hot summer day probably made it the happiest place on earth for the millennials that Mad Mom is so pissed at.

But her irritation comes to a head over what shall henceforth be referred to as the “Hot Pretzel Incident”.

(Which wasn’t an incident at all for anyone other than the angry, frustrated mom.)

She explains that her three-year-old observed a “cunt in some very SLUTTY shorts” that was buying a Mickey Mouse pretzel. Her son, Aiden, requested one as well. But Mad Mama said “no dice” to the pretzel, & Aiden wasn’t having it:

Aiden wanted one but the line was very long so I said later and it broke his poor little heart and he cried.

While a toddler crying after being denied something that he or she wants happens at that age, Mad Mama blames the childless woman and her pretzel-popping ways for Aiden’s pain:

I wanted to take that fucking pretzel from that tramp like thanks bitch you made my son cry!!!!!

Well, that escalated quickly!

To be clear, the millennial that Mad Mama loathes so deeply did not engage her or her son in any way.

There was no exchange of words. There was no cutting in line, no argument, no confrontation.

This mom is angry simply because the woman had the nerve to be at Disney World enjoying a hot pretzel without having to share it with a whining three-year-old.

(I can’t help but wonder- does she consider the hot pretzel to be the “useless crap” that she claims millennials are throwing their money away on??)

The raging mom demands that all childless people be banned from visiting Disney theme parks since they do not have to face the difficulties of managing a young child during their visit.

She insists that people with children should be allowed to move to the front of any Disney line, since childless people:

have no idea what it’s like to stand in line for three hours with a cranky tired exhausted toddler!!!!!

No, they probably DO have an idea of what it’s like, and after seeing it, are sincerely glad they aren’t standing in line for three hours with a cranky tired exhausted toddler. Because that sounds like one of the worst ideas EVER to attempt with such a young, overtired child.

Mad Mama fires off her parting shot at the childless park-goers:

I fucking hate childless women with a burning passion!!!!

That’s the gist of her entire post. It smacks of resentment towards any woman that was not burdened with the difficulty of wrangling a small child through a very long, exhausting day of Disney like herself.

We’ve all had those days as parents- the ones where we’re short on patience after a planned day of “fun” goes off the rails because toddlers are unpredictable. It happens.

But blaming people who don’t have kids for your troubles is not only unfair, but reeks of entitlement (which is ironic, considering that she blames entitled “millennials” for her woes).

While children obviously love Disney, many adults do, too.

And they have the right to enjoy visiting Disney World, with children or without. It’s clear that this mom was overwhelmed by her toddler’s needs that day, and was jealous of people around her that were enjoying their day with less responsibility.

While Disney World is the perfect place to recapture one’s youth, temper tantrums like this are best left back in childhood.


  1. This miserable woman probably should’ve thought twice about reproducing. I mean look lady, NO one in their right mind is going take on the lines at Disney world or Disney land with cranky children. She nuts. She must’ve forgotten her Prozac. All I’m saying is it’s hot. You’re child is three. You’re miserably unhappy and you’re child Ned’s a freakin nap. Banning childless people from internationally famous theme parks is NOT going result in a better vacay for you and cranky child. Maybe you “wasted” your money on a lifepath you really didn’t want. Just something to think about.


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