The People of Twitter Are Sharing Bad Stock Photos Of Their Own Professions And It’s Hilarious.


Months of social distancing have left a lot of us with time to kill, and we’ve all been filling the vacancy in a variety of ways. While many people have put this time to good use in terms of being productive & disciplined, there are those of us that have invested this precious time in copious amounts of wine, UberEats, & TikTok videos (all three happening simultaneously, of course…)


But occasionally there have been some fun trends that have sprung from this bizarre period of quarantine, and stock photos are apparently the latest to make a repeat performance.

“Bad Stock Photos Of My Job” is social media’s latest amusing obsession, and the trend proves that stock photos are not quite in touch with real life after all.

While stock photos are usually reliable in terms of portraying just the right image, some are unintentionally hilarious in their misguided representations of real life.

While “#stockphotosofmyjob” became a popular trend back in May 2018, it’s back… because we’ve got time.

Nothing but time. And when people have got time on their hands, what better way to have some fun than to check out a stock photo version of your own job, right?

A quick search on stock sites like or provides a glimpse into what the photo experts think most jobs look like… and it’s a far cry from their reality, that’s for sure!

That looks WAY cooler than any MRI I’ve ever had… just saying…


I feel like this is an accurate representation of the librarians in my town, but @tara818’s description of finally owning her high school bullies is GOLD.

Seriously… what IS going on here?? In what world would a patient need to wear this?? At least he looks like he’s having fun, though maybe that IV’s sweet stuff may have something to do with that.

“Now, count to three…. 1, 2….” *WHACK*.

Apparently this chef loves his job- and his ingredients. And I do mean LOVE.

His future’s so bright he’s gotta wear shades… all.the.time, apparently.

I’ve never seen such a confetti parade of prescription drugs while standing on line in my local Walgreen’s, but clearly these lab pharmacists know how to party!

Reading a foreign language book WHILE teaching some advanced algebra? Professors these days are wicked smart… in stock photo reality, anyway.

While the thumbs-up might be a positive in terms of your therapy progress, the fact that it’s apparently being filmed by a reality show crew probably isn’t a good thing.

Speaking of thumbs-up, there are some places you just don’t want to see this gesture… and one of those places would be near your vagina in a medical office. Definitely.

Hah! No commentary needed- just LOL.

The prior pelvic exam shot looks less creepy in comparison, no??

Whatever career this is supposed to be, it’s TERRIFYING. And yet also oddly appetizing…

Need a Master Pastor? Call me! Or find me on Snapchat- whatevs.

Listed under “science teacher”. So.Many.Questions.

I’m thinking therapists don’t get paid enough….


Guess what job this is? (No, I don’t know, either.)

And of course, here’s one that represents my own job as a writer. The trick to achieving that miraculous light-bulb of inspiration? A hat, bow-tie & suspenders. Who knew?

Be sure to hop onto Twitter & look for your own occupation under the hastag #stockphotosofmyjob; you just might find that you’ve been doing it wrong!


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