Video Of Dad’s Disastrous Attempt At Changing Son’s Diaper Has Every Mom Snickering


Diapering is obviously one of the least pleasant parts of this parenting gig. In fact, it can be downright shitty.

Remember peeking into your newborn’s first dirty diaper, only to find it looking like a giant oil slick? Little did we know that those were the easy days of diapering…


Once your kid moves onto solid foods, it’s game over. The smell of a ripe diaper resembles rotten road kill baking in the hot summer sun. You find objects in those diapers that you can’t imagine snaking their way safely through the human digestive system. 

But we moms kick some serious ass (pun intended) in the diaper-changing challenge. Nothing you find in your kid’s diaper phases you anymore, & you can wrangle him or her into a clean diaper like a cowgirl roping a steer…in manure.

Moms tend to be the primary butt-wipers in the family, but more & more dads are getting in on the action. 

And while many dads are total pros when it comes to diapering, others deserve an “A” for effort… but an “F” for FAIL.

A wife recorded her husband’s attempt(s) to change their toddler son’s diaper, and the video has gone viral because his epic failure is hilarious to mothers everywhere.

Mikayla Vaught’s husband Phil was changing -or shall we say attempting to change- their son Axel’s diaper. Mikayla sat off to the side of their bed, her camera angled perfectly, to capture Phil’s frantic efforts to change Axel.

Her caption for the video is fitting:

Obviously Phil doesn’t change many diapers.

And she’s right- it’s definitely obvious. 

The first rookie move: Phil tells Axel, “Hey… Axel, no.” “No, stop”…. as if Axel’s actually going to lie still and let his dad change his diaper? It doesn’t work that way, Phil.

Second rookie move: As soon as Phil opens the diaper and finds the “treasure” inside, he lefts out a hefty gagging noise.

Photo Credit: Mikayla Vaught (Facebook)

And it’s hilarious, because this is truly Day One Diapering, Daddy.

(You’ll get used to it. Trust us.)

Phil immediately makes eye contact with the camera at that point, because he knows that every mom in America is laughing at him right.this.minute.

But Phil’s a good sport, so he valiantly kept at the diapering attempt. As he tried to pry the wipes apart, more gagging ensued.

(And more laughing from us, of course.)

But as we all know, there’s more challenging aspects to diapering a young toddler than merely the smell. 


Which is a reality that Phil is clearly unprepared for. Despite holding Alex’s legs in one hand, he shrieks in dismay as Axel neatly executes a total flip.

Photo Credit: Mikayla Vaught (Facebook)

Note Mikayla’s smirk at this point; all moms have experienced the unexpected, ass-up baby flip. 

Phil: “Not funny. Axel, it’s not funny!”

Photo Credit: Mikayla Vaught (Facebook)

Oh, but it IS funny, Phil. It’s funny to Mikayla, who laughs out loud. It’s funny to Axel, who grins in delight.

And it’s funny to just about everyone on social media that has witnessed this brief but disastrous diapering debacle. 

The clip ends with Phil still holding Axel, dangling by his legs, while desperately appealing to Mikayla,

Baby, help me!

Sure it’s only 41 seconds long, but I’m guessing it was 41 of the longest, most baffling seconds of Phil’s life.

The video clearly resonates with fellow parents; since its posting on Saturday, it has earned over 332K likes and 852K shares. 

So for the dads out there that get down & dirty in the diapering process with their kids, we salute you. For those of you that try to dodge Poop Patrol… may you one day find yourself in Phil’s frantic shoes…

With no wipes.

Obviously Phil doesn’t change very many diapers lol

Posted by Mikayla Vaught on Saturday, January 11, 2020



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